Summing Up the Sadness Trailer (For those to lazy to watch it)

I love the idea for NIBRIS’ game Sadness. I was already sure that I would buy it from when I first read about it. Now we have the trailer. Sure I didn’t “Link-o-fy” it yet, but that gives you no excuse not to watch it! I was glad it was in Quickime format since that’s the one video format that I can watch on both of the main machines I use: My cruddy home PC, or my teachers iMac (I’m on that one now, and It won’t let me use the toolbar! I have to tag things!). Well anyway, Sadness looks creepy. The trailer starts off with words flashing up on the screen. Something like Inside every person… then footage on a hot Polish chick in an old style dress…with a torch…in a cave. lays darkness… Then in curly writing it spells out “Sadness” Here’s were we begin to understand the gameplay (somewhat). You see the same chick without the cave, torch, or dress (Note: She is wearing normal clothes, not nothing.) She is standing in front of an equally hot Widescreen TV, and she as tight in her fist: a Wii…Remote! She does a Left and right motion with the Wii-Mote, and you see the dress lady move her torch the same way. Then you see the normal girl do a toss motion, and the past lady throw rope over something. Now the final motion is the girl using the Wiimote like she is stabbing someone from over her head (if that makes any sense), and the past lady is on fire? Not sure.

The trailer has some more tings in it that I just don’t remember (and am myself to lazy to watch again). Copy and past the link from the previous post into your browser and watch it! It’s cool!


(Update): I want to let it be known that the trailer is a concept to the game, which means not only that some of the motions may change before game ships, also that the trailer shows no actual gameplay. Cutscenes could end up live action, but again we won’t know for a while. Sadness is scheduled to hit in 2007.


6 thoughts on “Summing Up the Sadness Trailer (For those to lazy to watch it)

  1. I watched it! I agree that the game will be creepy. Thanks for adding me to your friendlist! look forward to playing tonight! Halo 2, right? Also, I snuck into E3 yesterday! I found a fat greasy guy to hide behind! Just FYI they creep me out! I played Red Steel, and Wii Sports. I was in line for Mario Galaxy when someone asked to see my ID! I ran as fast as I could and hid behind a dumpster. You see, I’m not sure how old you are, but I’m 16, and you have to be 18 to go to E3. Regardless, I played the Wii! And it is very revolutionary.


  2. To be fair you were okay at H2. You got me 4 times (2 headshots, 2 Tank blasts. But when I get the Swords and Rocks you were just screwed. Thanks for playing!

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