Halo 3 nights, and a little more Marketplace loving

I just got back from the library, where I only had 2 hours on the Marketplace. I managed to download 1 demo, 3 trailers, and some other (wonderful) junk. I also got to play some Halo 2 with reader Rachel (needless to say she’s much better.) Here’s what I got.

Demo-Lost Planet. I have had the trailer on my 360 for about 3 months, and thought the game looked rather awesome. I haven’t had a chance to actually play the demo, but expect a hands on preview later tonight.

Trailer- Alan Wake. As you saw in the past posts, I really want this game. It sounds like something different. You play a writer, and you live in Washington. Then add a twist, and open world GTA style exploration, and you get a kick-ass adventure game. And I heart adventure games.

Trailer-Sonic the Hedgehog. I also have a special love for Sonic since I was about 3. I would watch Sonic on TV, play the games, and have collected the comic books (#3-current #165). The recent games though have sucked. Let’s face it, if Sonic is the fastest thing alive, then why would he need a freaking hoverboard!? The graphics have also been choppy. Well the graphics in this have been fixed, but impressions from the E3 show have read that the gameplay needs work. Time will tell.

Trailer- Halo 3. For the one person reading this that hasn’t seen the Halo 3 trailer, heres a synopsis. Immediately following the abrupt ending Halo 2, the wreckage that Master Chief was riding on, lays smashed on the New Mombasa plain. It’s what’s behind the H2 level: Outskirts. You see the charred debris creating a smoke shield that Chief walks out of. Ships fly over (Covenant) and a crater reveals a Forerunner stucture. It’s good, so watch it.

Misc.- I also got the Halo 3 theme, and picture pack. Also some E3 branded themes and picture packs. I should be going back possibly next week or the week after.

The Lost Planet preview should be up soon!



One thought on “Halo 3 nights, and a little more Marketplace loving

  1. Next time you go to the library, you should take me along. I haven’t been able to play a 360 yet. Also, I once played a Halo game. I might be good at it.

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