Yet another Leak! Bayonetta E3 Trailer & Info! (UPDATE)

E3 needs a better plumber… So many leaks! Trailer


Platinum Games upcoming Bayonetta has been on my radar since the first teaser. Every time a new batch of screenshots or a trailer are released it fuels my excitement. It’s not just the stereotypical attractive female lead, and action packed hair attacks; it’s more due to the pedigree. You see, Platinum Games is heavily populated with former employees of Clover Studios (The now defunct branch of Capcom that created such masterpieces as Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and God Hand). In addition to that, the father of Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya, makes his grand return to the action genre with Bayonetta. If you took God Hand and Devil May Cry and put them in a Blendtec Total Blender on the smoothie setting, this would be the result. And here’s a new trailer, believed to be leaked:

[I’ve been asked by Sega to remove the trailer]

More information after the break:

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Capcom <3 PC? An In-Depth Look at the Capcom/PC Love Connection


Capcom, one of the longest lasting and most successful games publishers around, has never had what one would call a ‘strong’ relationship with the PC platform. I certainly wouldn’t blame them, they’ve always been very arcade and console oriented folk. Many PC gamers have associated Capcom with sloppy, outsourced, PC ports of big franchise titles like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Onimusha.

Does PC have what it takes for Capcom to finally realize it’s true potential? Has true love been found between the two at long last? Let’s examine the facts.

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Good Old Games Brings Ubisoft Under it’s Wing; Soars with Steam As Well

I didn’t see this one happening for quite a while, but it seems that Ubisoft has gone crazy for us PC gamers. Earlier this week they began a sale with Steam that featured their biggest titles for half price (a different title each day). Now they’ve gone and tossed Good Old Games (still in beta mind you) the proverbial ‘frikken bone’ by giving up some of their absolute finest to the fledgling service, and all without a trace of DRM.

For starters, we’re getting Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Beyond Good & Evil, and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946. Not long after we’ll see a couple of the greatest games made under the Tom Clancy brand, Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon, as well as the original Far Cry and Heroes of Might & Magic. I’m wringing my hands in glee at the thought of all the other games that could show up on GOG that don’t end with ‘Z’….

Overall it’s been a good week for Ubisoft and PC gamers alike. I can see a healthy relationship growing here! Good Old Game’s Lukasz Kukawski agrees:

“From our perspective it looks like Ubisoft is trying to change the overall perception of DRM by the big publishers,” he says. “We do understand publishers want to protect their games somehow from getting pirated, but there aren’t really any forms of DRM that haven’t been cracked.”

“We’re all gamers at and we hate the DRM thing and the idea of treating honest gamers like criminals. We hoped that launching as a DRM-free service would trigger the avalanche and more publishers will realize that restrictive copy protection is not the best way to fight piracy. I don’t believe publishers will completely stop using DRM schemes, but it could lead to a situation where such restrictive copy protection will no longer exist. Signing the deal with one of the biggest publishers in the world, Ubisoft, is definitely another step in this direction.”

Great job GOG and Ubisoft! With more collaborations like this, DRM will be obliterated in no time!

Update: It would seem that the current weekend deal on Steam has Beyond Good & Evil, IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, Far Cry, and Dark Messiah Might and Magic all in a pack (Ubisoft Classic Pack) for 9.99 total (39.96 usually).  This just further supports Ubisoft’s push for PC gamers!

Steam News you may have Mist

I must say it’s been a nice week for Steam related news compared to other weeks. The weekend sale might not have been as sweet as we’ve gotten used to but we have got some great titles like Burnout Paradise, The Maw, and an expansion pack for World in Conflict.

In even bigger news (for me at least) is the announcement of in-game DLC support, starting with The Maw and it’s pair of downloadable levels (on-sale for just $1.25 each). Here’s the official statement:

“March 16, 2009 — Valve, creators of best-selling entertainment products and advanced technologies, today announced the arrival of in-game downloadable content to Steam, their massively popular PC gaming platform. In-game DLC allows developers and publishers to use their own games as a platform for selling additional content to gamers.

The first game to take advantage of this new in-game DLC capability is The Maw, by Twisted Pixel Games. Their first DLC releases are levels entitled The Maw: Brute Force and The Maw: River Redirect. Each DLC level expands The Maw storyline by fitting in-between the original levels as “deleted scenes.”

Twisted Pixel CEO, Michael Wilford, says “We’re happy that we can now offer Steam customers significant expansions to the Maw story, delivering more Maw directly to gamers while they’re still playing the game.”

DLC can now be added to any game on Steam, regardless of whether it was originally purchased via Steam, at retail, or via other digital outlets. It is also a feature of Steamworks, the suite of free tools and services available to game developers and publishers.”

This sounds like a sign of more to come. Obviously Valve wouldn’t implement an entirely new system designed around DLC unless there was large demand for it. A few other examples jump to mind like the Mirror’s Edge Pure Time Trials Map Pack that was withheld from Steam users for some odd reason. The upcoming Tomb Raider: Underworld and Prince of Persia DLC also would make a lot of sense as well. I can only hope that major publishers sit up and take notice of this development so that we may see even more games and DLC made available for Steam.

In addition, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures has become available for pre-order over Steam. As posted before, the deal is you save 25% and get 2 free games if you pre-order before March 24th. I have to say that this deal sounds as delicious as a hearty serving of crackers and cheese…

It may be the Wrong Trousers, but at least the Cheese is cracking!

-Jonathan M.

Good Old Games – Digital Distribution at it’s Finest

Before you go all “STEAM IS TEH ROXXZ0RZ” on my ass, let me first say this is NOT a replacement for Steam, but rather a supplement, like the cold glass of milk you take with your delicious bowl of Cookie Crisps.

If you are one of the thousands of PC gamers affected by DRM woes such as activation limits and that SecuROM bull crap, and like cheap games then Good Old Games is definitely for you. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this site grow from a small private beta to what it is now, a public beta with a catalogue of over 50 quality, DRM-free games priced from $5.99 to $9.99 with new arrivals every Tuesday. Everything about GOG is sexy- the website, the forums, the nifty downloader, and even the game installers have been tricked out for maximum sexy. Just go there for yourself and be blown away by the clean and easy to use interface that they’ve whipped up.

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