Preview: Primordia (PC)

“What happened to the Humans?”


I recently had the chance to play the introduction to Primordia, the newest game from Wadjet Eye Games, and Wormwood Studios.┬áSet in a post-human world populated by robots, the player assumes the role of Horatio Nullbuilt v5 (voiced by Logan Cunningham of Bastion fame), who is currently in the process of repairing his dilapidated ship ‘The Unniic’. After the ships power core is stolen, setting progress even further back, Horatio, and his hovering sidekick Crispin set off to assemble a new one.

Most of the puzzles seem consistant with the Lucasarts school of adventure gaming, focusing largely on combining, and using objects found around environment. These puzzles require thought, but remain fair, and follow a definite logic. At a few points throughout the introduction I found myself unsure of what to do next, but with a mix of hints from Crisipin, and evaluating my inventory against the puzzle itself, I was able to reorient myself without frustration.


Even in the brief section of the game that I’ve seen, the world of Primordia seems so wonderfully unique, and fleshed out. Horatio studies ‘The Book of Man’, a tome that chronicles the story of humanity, which other robots seem to follow religiously as well. The writing in the game, especially when the topic of humanity comes up, really goes in interesting directions. It’s all topped off dream-like synth soundtrack, and some wonderful voice performances.


I can’t wait to see where the full game will continue to. The groundwork is laid for Primordia to be something very special.

For more information visit Wadjet Eye Games.

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