Alan Wake’s American Nightmare to Scare Again on PC

The original Alan Wake really connected with me. I had been following the long development cycle, and ended up ordering the incredible Collectors Edition that the game offered (Including a 144 page hardcover book, DVD behind the scenes, Soundtrack, in game commentary, and some incredible packaging). I ended up consuming virtually all of the offered content (even all 100 thermoses for some reason), and it still stands as one of the only games I’ve ever hit full 1000 Gamerscore in. Alan Wake hit PC via Steam last month, and has been doing very well for developer Remedy, whom self-published this time around. Naturally when the XBLA exclusive Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was released around the same time, folks were left wondering when it would inevitably end up on PC as well.

Based on recent additions to the Steam registry (famous for revealing upcoming releases before they’ve been announced) indicate that American Nightmare will see release on PC at some point in the future. It’s officially listed as “alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty” or the far catchier “App ID 202754”, and while this is definitely exciting news for fans like me, it doesn’t necessarily point to how soon we’ll see it. The original Alan Wake showed up on the Steam registry in December 2011, but didn’t launch until March of 2012. The news is promising though. I hadn’t gotten around to playing American Nightmare on XBLA yet, but will definitely check it out when it hits Steam at in the future. Stay tuned.

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