Kickstart an Adventure Game’s development with Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

Kickstarter is a fairly new way of crowd-sourcing funding for projects, and it’s been pretty successful at doing so. Users can choose how much they want to financially “back” a project, and the person seeking funding will reward people at certain levels. For example: A musician seeking funding for a new album could set a reward level at 10 dollars, where the user would get an early copy of the album. The levels often escalate into very personalized territory, and the overall system seems to benefit everyone involved.

And before you ask, I’m not about to ask you for donations.

Phoenix Online Studios (known for their Kings Quest fan series The Silver Lining) has teamed up with Khaeon Gamestudio and Adventure Game Legend Jane Jenson to bring an “episodic story in the spirit of Dexter and Heavy Rain” to Adventure gamers everywhere.

They need your help to bring this from idea to reality. They’ll need about 25,000 dollars, but they’ve laid out a good selection of rewards for those who pledge.

  • For pledges of $1 the supporter will have their name in the credits of the game under ‘Special Thanks’
  • For $5 you’ll get a hi-res image, a digital copy of the soundtracks, in addition to your name in the credits.
  • 20 dollars will get you all the previous prizes, plus each episode of the game, and exclusive newsletter blasts with new content.
  • 40 dollars prize contains all previous rewards along with a physical copy of the game and soundtrack.
You can go all the way up to 5000 dollars which includes a character named and modeled after you, signed copy of the game, soundtrack, comic, beta testing, cookies, inside look into game development, and loads of other goodies.
Those big numbers are kind of intimidating, but 20 dollars can get you quite a bit of content. It’s services like Kickstarter that make the preorder system actually make sense. Instead of preordering something at a store like Gamestop where the money sits as profit for the company, you’re giving money to the creators themselves in order to make the game even better for you (in addition to the slew of other cool content).
The project will only be funded if they meet their goal by December 11th so give them a hand (and a couple of bucks) at their Kickstarter page! Should they meet their goal, their estimated release date of Cognition is June 2012.

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