Halo: Reach Goes Gold!

Halo Reach is just around the corner, and today Bungie Studios announced they had completed work on the project. This concludes their work on the Halo franchise, but from everything they’ve shown so far they seem to be sending it out with a bang. Earlier this year, the public multiplayer Reach beta gave us a taste of what to expect from Matchmaking (and boy did it taste sweet), but the new trailer titled “The Battle Begins” offers a glimpse at the campaign. Lets watch:

That last shot sends a shiver down my spine. An eagerly excited shiver. I’ve always gone into Halo games for the campaign, then stayed for the multiplayer. The atmosphere these games evoke just immerse me into a world I don’t want to leave. Last fall’s ODST in particular presented a completely different tone than other Halo game by giving it a noir-esque theme and presenting an open, living hub world to explore. It’s a fine line to walk, but Bungie always manages to get it right. Judging by what we’ve seen and played of Reach, they look to have another masterpiece on their hands. I can’t wait to group up with Noble team on September 14th!


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