LucasArts Dreams Up ‘Lucidity’

LucasArts has a long legacy of producing some highly original games in the past with their famous SCUMM Adventure Games. With the resurgence of the genre, the house that bought us Star Wars has been hard at work developing some quality downloadable games. The first came earlier this summer with The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, which brought an old classic into the next generation world with high-definition graphics and complete voice acting.

Their new title ‘Lucidity’ continues the idea of gorgeous high-definition 2D game’s, with an interesting twist.

Sofi is the main character of ‘Lucidity’ but you don’t directly control her. Instead you assist her along her journey through beautifully imagined dreamscapes, by protecting her from traps and danger with use of  items. These items (ranging from slingshots, to sets of stairs) are randomly generated, and are placed on the screen by the player. Your goal is to make sure Sofi stays in motion the whole way through.

The artstyle is stunning, but what impresses me more is the fluidity of the animation. It looks like a Tomie dePaola book that’s come to life. The rate at which Sofi moves, coupled with the chill music, the game looks to be relaxing in the same way I found Braid to be. Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on Lucidity when it hits Xbox Live Arcade, and PC on October 7th.


One thought on “LucasArts Dreams Up ‘Lucidity’

  1. Lucidity is very very impressive and sets a nice environment for the puzzle player it appears to be. Downside, this is basically sleepwalker (Comic Relief Game from the 90’s) re-done :(

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