World of Warcraft Invites fans to ‘Choose Their Side’ with Themed Soda Pop! (Now with Contest!)

There has been some strange brewing going on with Mountain Dew as of late. First they changed their public image to reflect the hip kids movement of compressing the English language into easily text message-able strings of letters, and now go by MTN Dew (Emptyin’ Dew for those of you playing along at home).  Now they’re introducing new flavors with an interesting twist…

Ah yes. The return of Game Fuel! First introduced along side the launch of Halo 3, the special blend of MTN DEW made for gamers! In other words it’s a flavor of MTN DEW that has been laced with various types of caffeine. This time around there are two options of flavors, similar to the choice between what faction you’ll choose in World of Warcraft (Alliance or Horde).

There is also a promotional website that you can register on to win radical prizes (and get a free 14 day trial to WoW by signing up).

Oh and if that didn’t sell you on trying it, watch as these two women transform and fight it out in what looks to be target because of their beverage preference:


UPDATE: Winners have been notified!

Would you like to try some for yourself? Well it turns out we have some to give away! All you have to do to enter is write a short story (a paragraph or two) about what creature or character you would turn into to defend your soda, and how the fight would play out! It’s that simple! Just post your stories to the comment section of this very post!

The deadline for entries will be Monday August 17th. Winners will be notified through email (so make sure to enter that in the comment section field that asks for it so we know how to get in touch with you!), and from there we’ll organize shipping addresses and such.

Good luck!


6 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Invites fans to ‘Choose Their Side’ with Themed Soda Pop! (Now with Contest!)

  1. So, there I was, sipping my mountain dew and grinding on my level 40 Ork in World of Warcraft when suddenly I became dazed.

    “Something’s afoot, I can taste it in the air,” I said, knocking thirteen empty cans of Dew away as I leaped out of my body-imprinted computer chair. So there I be, standing, pounding F5 on my favorite gaming blog, I find that the taste masters responsible for the Dew have concocted a flavor just for people like myself!

    I call my local taxi cab as the nearest convenience store is at least a block and a half away, far too many steps for a Warcraft master like myself. So I grab some change out of my parent’s gold bag and head out. I arrive, burst through their door and demand to have some of that WoW flavored elixir.

    As the first cool, orange drop touched my tongue, my eyes burst and my inner Ork raged out. I grabbed as many bottles as I could hold in my sweaty green palms and ran out the door, with the store owner far behind, trying to load his shotgun.

  2. The smell of blood filled the air as I violently slash my sword back and fourth at the moblins attempting to kidnap the princess. “DO SOMETHING LINK” I heard as three more moblins began their long pursuit towards their own demise.

    It wasn’t long until I learned that I was beginning to lose the battle. I was tired and thirsty and I knew my hearts were beginning to run low.

    I decided to that I needed to replenish my life. Fortunately for me some weird skinny dude had a little tent set up just 100 feet from my current position.

    As I approached the acne faced teen, he grinned at me and asked me if I do the dew. I asked him what exactly he was talking about when he pulled out a nice six pack of tasty World of WarCraft game fuel Mountain Dew.

    I paid him my rupees and quickly gobbled down the tasty beverage and watched my hearts fill up.

    I felt different, however. Usually I only drink some Lon Lon Milk or something but I feel… like a new person… what exactly has changed inside me?

    I looked over at my hand and realized that the tattoo on my hand was glowing as a bright light shined fourth.

    The tasty delicious quench thirsting mountain dew had delivered more then just hearts but it has transformed me into a more powerful warrior. The triforce inside me has awakened and it was now time for me to show some moblins to the door…

  3. “I need a Dew”, whispered John, tossing away his Assault Rifle.

    “A what?!” asked Cortana, giving him a mental slap on the head. “Stay focused, Chief, there’s a group of Elites out there. Heavily armed.”

    “I need a Dew”, said John, “I need one right frakkin’ now. Cortana, locate the nearest vending machine.”

    “What the hell? Chief, there’s a whole CITY out there about to be destroyed and you’re worried about some stupid energy drink?!”

    But Master Chief wasn’t listening. He recalled passing a soda machine earlier while he was driving his now-crashed ‘Hog. Maybe they had Mountain Dew: Game Fuel. That shit was the best.

    “Forget it, Cortana. They can hold on awhile without me. Let’s go get that Dew.”

    “Oh my God.”

    Outside, Elites had set up charges around the blast door where the Chief was hiding behind. They would kill the demon.

    “Ahhh…”, the Chief sighed, taking a big swig of Game Fuel. “This stuff is great. You know, Cortana, it’s—”

    The blast door thumped and started coming down in pieces

    Master Chief picked up his assault rifle, chugged the rest of the can, and flattened it with his boot. “Let’s do this. It’s chuggin’ and chargin’ time, bitches”, and sprinted through the door, to face his enemies.

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