Step Right Up! A Wallace and Gromit- Grand Adventures: Muzzled! (PC/XBLA) Review!

After tragedy hits the Dog Shelter, a mysterious man by the name of Monty Muzzle brings the town some much needed optimism in the form of a Fundraising Fair! What could possibly go wrong?

The episode begins like the ones before it with a problem for you to solve. A group of dogs show up at Wallace and Gromit’s West Wallaby Street home, and it’s up to Gromit calm them down so Wallace can get his newest invention up and running. Throughout the series (both film and game) I’ve been constantly impressed as to how Gromit is able to communicate without ever speaking. The new group of dogs each convey their own personality as well, each one different from the next. I even audibly said “Awwww” at one of them. Telltale has done a great job in this regard throughout the whole series.


Soon enough after you’ve solved that problem, Wallace and Gromit are introduced to Monty Muzzle. He claims to be a man of charity, and offers to setup his traveling fair in order to raise money to rebuild the recently destroyed Dog Shelter. Although throughout the course of the episode you learn that this smooth talking slick savior may not actually be as generous as he advertises.


The fair takes place in an area of town that has been previously blocked off in prior episodes, which is always pretty neat to see in the Telltale episodic games. Muzzled! being the third episode it’s nice to not only explore the now familiar town square, but also branch out and see more of the city. The attractions are all entertaining as well. There’s a fortune teller, a guessing game, a pie eating contest, ‘Are You Smarter than a Chicken?’, and of course ‘The Muzzler’ (as seen below).


Overall this episode felt the most like one of the short films. It has an intriguing start, wacky inventions, and of course an action packed finale. I can’t wait to see what comes next in the final episode, especially since this episode concludes with a huge cliffhanger.

Muzzled! is available now for individual purchase for $8.95 or $34.95 for all four episodes via the Telltale Store. If you’d like to try before you buy there is also a demo available.

Join us next time for the Grand Adventure’s Grand Finale: The Bogey Man!


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