Liveblogging the Sony E3 2009 Media Briefing

The final Press Conference of the Big Three. There is supposedly big hardware announcement from Sony, so lets see what they have!

2:08pm: Show seems to be starting.

2:10pm: Interesting reel to introduce the thing. They’re actually showing a reel of games. None of the other 3 did that…

2:13pm: Jack Tretton takes the stage. Making jokes about leaks. 364 games coming on Playstation Platforms. Sales data.

2:17pm: PS2 is getting 100 new titles. 22 Million PS3s sold last year. Expanding into even more countries. That’s good. 24 million users on Playstation Network.

2:21pm: Evan Wells co-founder of Naughty Dog takes the stage to demo Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Multiplayer beta at midnight tonight. Single player demo shown. Scale looks immense.

2:26pm: MAG demo. 256 player demo. That’s shocking. Showing objective based game types. Will be running live on the showfloor. Coming this fall

2:32pm: PSP time. Going after Teen and Tween Girls. Hannah Montana Bundle (crowd cheers).

2:34pm: Kaz Hirai takes the stage. Sony asked many people around the world how to make the PSP better. Next step in PSP evolution. PSP Go announced. “First we call it the worst kept secret of E3, but we also call it the PSP Go!” Size built for Digital Consumer. 50% smaller, 40% lighter. 16gb internal memory. Built in Wi-Fi. Download titles. They’re launching a PC PSN launcher called Media Go.  Sense Me analyzes your music, and makes playlists. Development tools become 80% cheaper.  PSP Go will be available for 249.99 October 1st.

2:42pm: Father of Gran Turismo Kazunorui Yamauchi takes the stage to announce Gran Turismo PSP.  Runs at 60 Frames Per Second. Full featured. 800 cars. 35 tracks, 60 layout variations of those tracks. 4 player Ad-hoc racing. Trailer. October 1st.

2:49pm: Hideo Kojima takes the stage. Snake is coming back to PSP. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Setting is 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3 (in the 1970s). True sequel. Kojima is writing the script and directing. MGS4 team will be working on it. Trailer time. Real footage of a nuke going off. Quotes of world leaders. Snake just took his shirt off. Sneaking. The “Missing Link” in the Metal Gear series. Neat, he just tied a balloon to a sleeping guy, sending hem into the air. 4 Snakes? 2010.

2:57pm: Jack is back on stage. Ooooh Resident Evil Portable. Little Big Planet PSP. New Jak and Daxter, Motorstorm PSP, New Socom PSP, Monster Hunter, Tiger Woords. Pixeljunk, Madden, Fat Princess. Star Wars something, Petz.

3:05pm: Talking about Home. 6.5 Million people Worldwide. 100 virtual items a month. Video to show Home growth. Transition into PS3 content.

3:08pm: PS3 Montage. Uncharted 2, Infamous, Madden, Final Fantasy XIII, MAG, Batman, Brutal Legend, White Knight Chronicles, Ghostbusters, Ninja Gaiden 2, Mafia 2, Buzz, Saw, Tekken, Tiger Woods, Dark Void, Heavy Rain, Battlefield 1943,  PSN titles. Queen Singstar, DC MMO, God of War 3.

3:13pm: Rockstar Exclusive PS3 title: Agent. Espionage in the 1970s! Rad.

3:14pm: Assassins Creed II demo. Desmond is back. Italian Renaissance. Night-time lighting looks beautiful. Ooooh. The Flying machine looks amazing as well. Exclusive weapons if you connect to the PSP title. Game is massive. Assassins Creed 2 comes out this Holiday.

3:22pm: New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer. English voices. Huge over worlds.

3:25pm: Final Fantasy XIV  (14)?  Uh… Oh. It’s Online. Sequel to FFXI (11).

3:27pm: Dr. Richard Marks and someone else take the stage to introduce Sony Motion Controller. It’s a wand. Sphere on the end can be tracked by Eyetoy. Looks kind of awkward. Strike that. Very Awkward. The Crowd laughs. Ruh-Roh. A laser whip. Hmm… Character control. A dead skeleton spawns and falls against character. This needs more time…

3:39pm: Little Big Planet data. Disney partnership with LBP!

3:41pm: ModNation Racers. Play/Create/Share in the racing genre. Build Characters, Cars. Looks to play similar to Mario Kart. Track creator looks very cool, and easy. 2010.

3:51pm: Yes! The Last Guardian by Team Ico. Project Trico. A graphical Updated look at the leaked trailer. This looks incredible.

3:56pm: Gran Turismo 5 Trailer.

3:58pm: God of War 3 demo. Looks like God of War. March 2010.

4:07pm: That’s


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