Liveblogging the Nintendo E3 2009 Media Briefing


Microsoft showed their hand yesterday, unveiling their answer to motion controls. Let’s see how the originators of console motion controls responds!

12:01pm: Looks like things are getting started!

10:03pm: People looking happy fill the screen.

12:04pm: Cammie Dunaway takes the stage. She seems to be trying to imitate Reggie’s style of seriousness. No more snowboard stories from her is welcome. “Everyone’s Game”.

12:07pm: A person who’s sold 200 milltion games. Mario montage on screen. They were talking about surprise… New Mario?

12:08pm: Move into the 4th Dimension? Mr. Miyamoto thinking of one new way to play a new Mario game that’s never been possible before. New Super Mario Bros. for Wii. Bill Trinen from Treehouse takes the stage. More players… 4 player co-op all on one screen. You can pick things up to throw, including your friends. In unrelated news my chair just broke making me fall backward. Man… This was a good chair… Thought you should know. So there are propeller suits. Alright.

12:13pm: Will Launch worldwide this Holiday. Wii Fit talk. 15 million sold. Wii Fit Plus. 6 new Strength and Yoga moves. Make a continuous routine. 15 New Balance games. Juggling, Skateboarding, ‘Perfect 10′, Jumping like Mario.

12:17pm: Reggie comes out. Interface is important. Talking about Wii Motion Plus. The screen shows some sci-fi athletes in Tron. Wii Sports actually. Golf, Basketball, Archery, Ping Pong, Canoe, Frisbee, Sword-Fight, and maybe one more. They’re demoing it again. Oh cool. You start by jumping out of an airplane. This is kind of awesome. Archery.

12:28pm: Reggie and Bill Trinen are going to play Basketball. I wish I got fireworks when I made a basket in real life. Red Steel 2 is ONLY with Wii Motion Plus. Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers. Kingdom Hearts something over howmany days.

12:35pm: Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story for DS. It’s Mario & Luigi RPG 3 technically. This Fall.

12:37pm: Golden Sun DS. Makes a return after 6 years. The Crowd would have liked Mother/Earthbound more. There haven’t been many claps at all.

12:38pm: October 13th James Patterson Interactive Novel. Looks promising. I like these Interactive Novel things. Cop: The Recruit from Ubisoft. Gritty Open world Racing? Neat. Awesome. I can finally run my own boutique, and sell more than 10,000 Fashions, plus walk it out on the Runway with Style Savvy. Radical!

12:43pm: Flipnote Studio DSi coming this summer. Make a Flipbook. Mario vs. DK Minis March Again. Level editor. Downloadable June 8th. Warioware DIY. Design your own Microgames! Upload photos taken on DSi to Facebook. Interesting. Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks (Link on a Train). That didn’t get any claps either…

12:50pm: Satoru Iwata comes out on stage. An entirely different  way of play?  Wii Vitality Sensor. Uh… You put your finger in it, and it checks your pulse. I quite honestly can see no practical use for this in any form. It will relax you into sleep. Exactly what I want from my games.

1:00pm More Mario announcement. 2nd Full 3D mario on the same console. Super Mario Galaxy 2? Yoshi! This looks fun. Finally claps from the Audience.

1:04pm: Reggie knows we want more. Talks about 3rd party. The Conduit. Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles. Dead Space Extraction.

1:08pm: New Edgy Nintendo Game? Team Ninja? They’re still around? Project M presents. Metroid. Other M! 3Rd Person Mertroid. This is pretty awesome. 2010. Take you deeper into Samus’ Story.

1:12pm: That’s it. Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Wii Metroid, and Mario 4 Dead (4 player Co-op). They didn’t announce Trace Memory 2 for the America’s though, so it’s not a complete victory. Still good though.


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