Liveblogging the Microsoft E3 2009 Media Briefing

Ah yes. Another year, another E3. The format seems to have regained it’s fanfare this year, returning to the big booths, and loud music. It’s going to be an exciting E3 based on the rumors of what each company will be announcing. Today Microsoft will be showing off their plethora of offerings. They’ve been unusually quiet compared to other years (with the big leaks all being about other consoles). I’ll be liveblogging the event, so update this post for the newest details!

1:20pm: The liveblogging setup is all in place

1:25pm: Things seem to be starting!

1:26pm: Begins with a trailer for Beatles Rock Band. Awesome artstyle for cutscenes (cartoon). The art is surrealist. I am the Walrus! Oh man, I forgot how much I love the Beatles. Amazing trailer. Turns out it’s the opening cinematic.

1:32pm: Alex Rigopolous of Harmonix takes the stage to demo the game. Interesting setup of the game, they have a Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums, but 3 (three) microphones for Harmony. That’s interesting.

1:36pm: Confirmed songs: I saw her standing there, I want to hold your hand, I feel fine, Day tripper, Taxman, I am the Walrus, Back to the USSR, Octopus’s Garden, Here Comes the Sun, and Get Back.

1:40pm: All You Need is Love is going to be DLC with all money raised going to charity.

1:41pm: Yoko Ono shows up. Waves. Hello Yoko Ono. They’re bringing a lot of folks onto the stage. Oh cool. Paul McCartney and Ringo Star!

1:45pm: Paul Shappert says No Graphs, or Sales figures. 10 World Premires! New Ways to Connect. Showing REVOLUTIONARY NEW EXPERIENCES FOR EVERYONE.

1:46pm: Tony Hawk takes the stage to demo Tony Hawk Ride. No, he just holds the board and intros a trailer. I like the concept but the rumor price is kind of iffy.

1:52pm: My feed died, but it looks like we’ve moved on to Modern Warfare 2. I’m interested in this game. I’m more interested in if they’ll keep the title or tack the Call of Duty name back on. Stage demo, in a snowy aircrafty, Highwayey place. Oh sweet Driving snowmobiles.

1:57pm: John Shappert’s back. 2 Modern Warfare 2 map packs first on Xbox.

1:58pm: Square-Enix folks take the stage to talk Final Fantasy XIII. The dude pulled out a controller, so they might be demoing it? It looks like the Demo from japan, but in English. That’s interesting to me. Spring 2010 Release window.

2:20pm: Whoa. The Rest of the Show is exclusive titles. Cliffy B, and Epic take the stage. Epic XBLA title. Shadow Complex. Exploration. A 3D sidescroller ala Bionic Commando Rearmed, but it looks super detailed. 10 Hours long. Looks well…Epic! This Summer.

2:05pm: Joyride, by BigPark. Avatar Racing game. Cool Beans. Free to Download! This Winter.

2:07pm: CRACKDOWN. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH. Looks like Monsters are there too! Crackdown 2.

2:09: Left 4 Dead 2. Really? Dunno how I feel about that.

2:10pm: Splinter Cell Conviction looks awesome. They’re going to demo it. Sam is Brutal this time around. Smashing heads on Mirrors. The HUD options look too be integrated really well. Each level is like a mini-Sandbox. Looks intense.

2:17pm: Forza 3. “The definitive racing game”. There’s a Car on stage. That’s pretty wacky. Coming this October.

2:25pm: Halo ODST. Joe Staten from Bungie takes the stage. Stage Demo. This looks incredible. First person dropping to Earth. Flashback to experience the other stories. Cinematics look very impressive, as does the ingame stuff. The Superintendent Character has a fun electronic voice. September 22nd.

2:30pm: New Halo Project. Halo Reach. A Prequel from Bungie. Cool Beans. Fall 2010. When you buy ODST you get a token for Reaches Online Multiplayer Beta.

2:32pm: ALAN WAKE. New Trailer. Now a Live Demo. Looks stunning. Something big is after you. It brought down a tree. There are enemies of some kind, but I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be. Townsfolk perhaps. Looks great. Alan Wake will see the light of day, Spring 2010.

2:39pm: Music is coming to Xbox Live. Last.FM partnership. Available later this year for free.

2:40pm: Live TV from Sky for the UK and Ireland. The existing video store is expanding by combining with Zune Video (which has a lot of shows and stuff). Full 1080p. All Movies/TV shows Instantly, no downloads no delays. Doubling countries it’s in. 8 to 18. One more feature… Movies/TV/Music at the same time with Live Party.

2:44pm: More ways to connect. Facebook! Felicia Day (The Guild, and Dr. Horrible) is on stage. Facebook Connect. Oh god. Twitter. Coming this Fall!

2:49pm: Don Mattrick. OH MAN. IT’S HIDEO KOJIMA. Metal Gear Solid Franchise to Xbox 360. Next Major Release, Metal Gear Solid Rising developing on Xbox 360. Not Solid Snake. Trailer. LIGHTNING BOLT ACTION. Raiden is BACK. Completely new Experience.

2:52pm: “Dream the next dream” Trailer. It’s a camera thing, but not like eyetoy. You do the actions, but you don’t show up on stage.  Full Body Motion Capture. Scanning. Facial Recognition. Video Chat. 1 vs. 100. Voice Recognition. Project Natal. Controller Free Games. When it launches it will work with all consoles…(I would hope that though). Steven Speilberg on stage. Cool.

3:02pm: New Era of Interactive Entertainment. Demoing it. Breakout type thing. Paint Party. Dev Kits out today.

3:11pm: Peter Molyeneux is on stage. Controller is the biggest Barrier. Nintendogs with a Young Child Boy! That will go well… Kids name is Milo. Looks awesome.

3:18pm: Seems like that’s all folks. Awesome showing. Check back throughout the day for new info/videos/screens!


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