Bit.Trip Beat Announced!

Who is the Commander? Why, only the star of the very awesome looking WiiWare title: Bit.Trip Beat!

The mystery is finally solved. After many a communication with CommanderVideo, we finally have found out more about the game he will be featured in: Bit.Trip Beat. Beat is the first offering in the Bit.Trip series (developed by Gaijin Games), aiming to release this February on WiiWare. Gameplay involves deflecting bits heading at you, which in turn creates the music of the level. Think Rez meets Breakout.

(More gameplay footage here)

Fans of the viral aspect of the game should definitely check out t.he interview with the CEO of Gaijin Games, Alex Neuse over at ARGN. Also make sure to check out the spiffy official site.

I eagerly await catching up with the Commander this February!



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