Who is the Commander? [Update 3]

He is ‘only a man’ or so he said with a booming voice emanating from a bright screen. But I’ll let you see that for yourself:

Sent as an anonymous tip to sites like IGN, this video features one frame of an upcoming Wii title. What kind of game is it? Who’s developing? No one knows!

While we all comb through the video for clues, the website Commander Video seems to be the hub to watch. Aside from the eerie video, you have pixels that keep popping up that link to new pieces to the puzzle. So far we have two images and an awesome mp3.

What does it all mean?! Perhaps the Commander shall tell us soon enough?

Update 3: I got a hold of Gaijin Game’s CEO Alex Neuse who revealed the following to us about the game. It’s a WiiWare title aiming for a February release. It’s not a remake of Nether Earth (as was previously rumored), but instead a game that can be reduced to the acronym BTB (Beat is one of the words I believe). It’s a game that draws its inspiration from the aesthetics of classic games from the 80s. The story will be about Commander Video’s origin. A lot will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Also I’ve posted the new media available on CommanderVideo.com after the break.

UPDATE 2: Commander Video himself has made contact with us here at Buttonbasher.net He wanted the following message to get out:


While this is the first time we here at Buttonbasher have been contacted from an intergalactic entity, I think the Commander wants whatever information that is found to be distributed through our website, and sent out to the other blogs that are covering his activity. Also he seems to be inviting us to ask questions, so if you earthly readers have any questions you want to ask Commander Video, feel free to drop them in the comment section!

UPDATE: The Commander has popped up on Twitter and seems to deny recent rumors of what the game will be.

As February draws nearer, this post will continue to be updated with all of the new discoveries. To see an archive of the media updates thus far, check after the jump!

And if the Commander happens to be reading this right now, I assure you that we earthlings come in peace.

KLind (who is also only a man!)

Media on CommanderVideo.com:

File 1: Image 1 (J_BN_POMZ_B_NBO aka I_AM_ONLY_A_MAN)

File 2: Image 2 (Commander Video)

File 3: Mp3 1 (00Descent11)

File 4: Link to Gaijin Games (Developers of Commander Video)

File 5: Image 3 (252165048)

New: File 6: Recruit task 1 (Beat)

Sites to watch:






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