Mega-Fan’s Team Up for Mega Man Movie

The internet isn’t lacking in the fan devotion department, but sometimes a group of fans set themselves apart from the rest. Eddie Lebron, an independent film maker decided to take his level of interest in the Mega Man franchise to the next level by turning it into a feature length film. What sets this project apart from previous attempts is that, from what we’ve seen so far, this one looks fantastic.

The full movie is listed as releasing in 200X, which is either 2009, or 2010. According to the official website, principle photography is completed; although I imagine the visual effects will take some time.

Regardless, this is definitely a project to keep your eye on.



One thought on “Mega-Fan’s Team Up for Mega Man Movie

  1. Hey how you doing…..

    I am a big fan just like the rest of these people , I want to premire in the mega man movie if happends

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