Demo Mania Hits a Download Platform Near You!

But will the download platform fight back?

Side note: Coming up with interesting titles for posts is a blast of fun and smiles, and while I chose to go with ‘Demo Mania’ rather than ‘Demonia’ (as it could be taken as something satanic or political) just know, dear reader, that it’s something we here at Buttonbasher treat with the utmost care…or something.

The leaves are changing, the air is turning crisp, and there’s some kid in a hockey mask trapped at the bottom of your cleverly placed Lawn Chasm™ in the front yard. It’s fall, which means the onslaught of games are approaching faster than the lawsuit you’ll be in for trapping that child in the Lawn Chasm™.

While you countdown the days until your hearing, why not check out a preview of some of the fall’s biggest titles!

Like Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts! The Xbox 360 seems to have the sepia-soaked-shooter archetype covered, but the fun colorful driving platformer department has been lacking. With a huge open world to explore with your custom vehicle (my floating recliner is my creation so far), Nuts & Bolts just can’t help but make me smile. The demo is available on Xbox Live, and will take up 1.07 GB

Not straying away from the colorful area, the Mirrors Edge demo can wallrun onto your console. The first person free-running adventure feels quite fresh, with the focus on run-play over gun-play. I found the time trial mode (trying to find the speediest way sprint the course) very addicting, and the story sections quite intriguing. This demo is available on Xbox Live, or the Playstation Network, and will take up 1.06 GB

Finally, the Left 4 Dead demo is set to release to the world on November 11th, but if you want to get your severed undead hands onto it five days early, you can preorder from Gamestop (for 360), or pre-purchase on Steam (PC) today.

There’s but a slice of the content that will be available in the coming weeks. Budget your time, and wallet appropriately! Hopefully these games will be more enticing than purchasing that Lawn Chasm™. Those things are dangerous…



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