Nintendo October Conference: New DS, Superb Wii Lineup, and Smiles aplenty!

I quite enjoyed what was shown at E3 by Nintendo, but many wanted more games for the core gamer. Nintendo listened. Big time. In a conference last night, they announced the 08-09 Line up for Wii, as well as a new DS model. Let’s start with DS.

Within the first minute of taking the stage, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced the next step for Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DSi.

– 3.25 inch screens (DS = 3 inch)
– Has an inside and outside camera, 0.3 megapixels
– Has SD slot on right-hand side.
– Has onboard memory
– Comes with web browser
– Comes with app to detect some DS hotspots
– Has Apps store like iPod
– Apps are free/300/500/800 points
– Other apps include an app that allows you to make flipbooks using the cameras
– No GBA slot
– 18900 yen
– 1000 points for free if you buy before march 2010
– Possibly minorly upped resolution
– November in Japan, 2009 elsewhere.
– Black and white versions.

DS Software Montage:

For a more in depth look at the DSi click here.

On the Wii front, you will now be able to use SD Card’s as memory card’s. This will become very important with more downloadable titles. As for new games, there are quite a few surprises.

– Punch-Out Wii

– Sin and Punishment 2

– Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) coming to Wii.

– New mainline Tales of.

– Wii getting re-releases of GCN titles. Not ports. Not ports. Not ports. Not ports. Do not appear to have waggle or any changes. Not ports. Re-releases. Should be budget. Starting with DK Jungle Beat and Pikmin.

Trace Memory: R, Gateway of Memory

That is one of the best announcements from the event for me. I played the original Trace Memory to death (over 50 hours now), and have been thinking about a Wii sequel for some time now. Cing confirmed to Buttonbasher that they were working on the Wii, and this is exactly the project I dreamt of them doing!

Here’s a montage of the upcoming Wii software:

Overall I am super excited for all this new Nintendo stuff! It’s a wonderful time to be a Nintendo fan!



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