Bungie Announces Halo 3 again! Wait…Huh?

Bungie fans that have been watching Bungie.net for the past few months will likely know what “The Superintendent” or SI is. The character has been used in association with what is believed to be Bungie’s next project. Since May, the SI has been posting on the Bungie Forums, telling users to “KEEP IT CLEAN” and to “PLEASE REMAIN CALM”. The excitement reached critical mass when a few days before the Microsoft E3 showing, the Superintendent hijacked Bungie.net as a whole with a countdown clock leading to what seemed to be a big announcement! Before the timer could hit zero though, a letter with apology was posted. It said that Bungie’s Publisher had changed their plans. Fans were saddened, as were Bungie. Their announcement they had been hyping had been pulled out from under them!

Well a few months, and a few strange posts later, Bungie.net has returned to the countdown page. The clock reaches zero at 7:07am PST (10:07am EST) on September 25 (the one year anniversary of Halo 3).

UPDATE: Bungie has updated their site with the trailer for what has been described as a “New Halo 3 Campaign Experience”:

Details are few and far between as of now, but Bungie has said we won’t have to wait long for more information. For the higher resolution trailer, head over to Bungie.net.



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