Is that a Hero in your pocket, or do your pants normally Shred like that? A Guitar Hero On Tour (DS) Review!

The stage is set. You grasp the pick firmly, as the band starts the beat. You hit the audience hard with a power cord so powerful their entire perception of reality is shifted. But this stage is different. It’s not the living room you’ve become accustomed to plucking out Penta-colored ballads. No, you’re in the drivers seat of your 20 miles-per-gallon jalopy. You’re On Tour.

The Guitar Hero franchise can be best compared the process of aging. Guitar Hero was the infant stage which grew up to be the healthy lovable child that is Guitar Hero 2. Guitar Hero 3 were the awkward teenage years, and it’s now becoming in adult by marrying drums and singing in Guitar Hero World Tour. As an adult, Guitar Hero’s begun the next step of it’s life by having a child.

Thinking in those terms, the child (Guitar Hero: On Tour) of course will remind you a lot of it’s parents, while having it’s own quirks and things that make it different from them. On Tour has 26 songs (one of which unlockable), ranging from the rockabilly sounds of the Stray Cats to the face melting jams of…Smash Mouth? One of the issues with the game is that the set-list doesn’t quite match up to it’s parent’s games. Guitar Hero does make songs that you ordinarily wouldn’t listen to fun to play, but in this instance there aren’t enough songs that make me want to go back and play as frequently. I still will go back and play certain ones time to time (Daughtry- What I Want, or Incubus- Anna Molly) though. The follow-up Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades looks to have even more good songs that I look forward to plucking out.

When Guitar Hero announced she was going to have a baby with the DS, video game gossip sites began theorizing on what the little guitar would look like. The little one ended up being a pocket-friendly grip with 4 buttons. While it takes away the full size guitar, the Guitar Pick Stylus does help replace some of that feeling. The note placement in certain songs makes you strum back in forth which also helps emulate the guitar feeling.

A tap on the passengers side window tells you that the person you’ve driven to pick up, is ready to go back home. You pause the game (which sets you back just a bit, to not interrupt the rocking too much), and let the person in. You make sure to finish the song before taking off anywhere. Even a portable rockstar doesn’t leave their fans hanging!

Guitar Hero: On Tour retails for 49.99 and is on sale now.



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