E3: New Xbox 360 Dashboard Interface; Avatar Party System

Take a look at the new vision of the Xbox 360 Dashboard. First thing you might notice is the little man trapped in that crowded box. He’s part of the new Gamertag Identity. You can call him an “Avatar” while I will call him “Shapstick”. You can personalize your own “avatar” to look however you want. Give him a top hat, a rocking polo, and some kickin’ sneakers and he’ll sport the winning attitude that say “I’m ready to accept your friend request!”.

Once you have your avatar made, you can meet up with up to 8 other avatars of your friends from your Xbox Live Friend’s list and join a global party. This means you are in a group that can take you anywhere on the system without separating you from your buddies.

Some new things you can do is watch Netflix Movies together (if you all have Netflix accounts), or play in New Xbox Live Gameshows called: Xbox Live Primetime. These games will be streamed, rather than boxed or XBLA games. The party will exist even if you’re all playing different games, in which it will act as an 8 person Chatroom.

Look forward to trapping a tiny persona of your own in a box, when the Dashboard update hits this fall.

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