E3: Liveblogging the Nintendo Press Conference

It’s that time again! Nintendo will be holding their E3 Press Conference today, and I will be updating this post with info from the show as it happens!

11:50 AM: Press have been seated.

12:06 PM: My feed is working fine, and they’re showing the stage which consists of a big screen showing casual gamers playing Nintendo things.

12:08 PM: Nintendo Woman talking about snowboarding

12:11 PM: Carrot Top is demoing a snowboarding game.

12:12 PM: Oh wait, that’s Shawn White. Shawn Whites Snowboarding from Ubisoft.

12:14 PM: Iwata takes the stage. He sounds so wise. “Selling Millions of Bathroom Scales” in reference to Wii Fit. hehehe.

12:18 PM: Mentions that the Mario and Zelda teams are working on new games.

12:19 PM: 200,000 DS’s sold a week!

12:24 PM: Animal Crossing: City Folk announced. Graphics look better than Gamecube, in style of DS version. City featured. Many Stores. Mii Support! Wii Microphone. Voicechat! Sits on Sensor Bar! I am really looking forward to this.

12:28 PM: Reggie takes the stage. Animal Crossing coming by the end of this year.

12:29 PM: Graphs. Nintendo’s doing good in sales. Shocking.

12:36 PM: 3 new games. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party, and Call of Duty World At War.

12:43PM: Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades, Spore Creatures, and new Pokemon Ranger on DS.

12:44PM: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on DS! Awesome!

12:46PM: Cooking Navi Cook book localized.

12:47PM: Talking about Wii Motion Plus now.

12:48PM: Wii Sports Resort to use the Motion Plus!

12:49PM: Dog Disc Throw in Wii Sports Resort. Similar to the Nintendogs game.

12:51PM: Water sports looks like Wave Race.


12:52PM: Sword Dueling! Day One.

12:54PM: Wii Sports Resort this Spring.

12:56PM: Man playing Drum Solo, and Miyamoto Playing Saxophone! Wii Music! This looks amazing.

1:01PM: Piano, Sax, Guitar, Violin, Big Drum, and Drums. Wii Balance Board used for Pedal. Conducting is still in.

1:04PM: They’re going to play us a song. At least 6 players. It’s the Mario theme!

1:08PM: Finishing up. Reggie states again that the Wii is not a Fad.

1:10PM: Shows over. People I’ve talked to weren’t satisfied. I like most of the stuff they showed. Guess I’m just a fan of fun games or something.



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