E3: Liveblogging the Microsoft Press Conference

The first press conference of E3 belongs to Microsoft. I’ll be keeping this post updated as the announcements happen.

1:10 PM: The press have been seated. The show starts in 20 minutes

1:26 PM: Only one of my Feed’s is working. Gamespot.com is dead. I’m a bit worried…

1:31 PM: My feed is live. Let’s DO THIS!

1:34 PM: My Feed is on Delay: Don Mattrick is talking about the blockbuster games of last year.

1:37 PM: Fallout 3 Trailer is playing. Live Action. It really makes the mood.

1:39 PM: Now they’re doing a live demo. If you like Oblivion this looks good for you.

1:44 PM: Demo ended. Nuke gun is awesome. Resident Evil 5 now!

1:47 PM: Online Co-op confirmed.

1:49 PM: Fable 2 Will Launch this october

1:53 PM: Gears of War 2 trailer

2:01 PM: Gears of War 2 demo. Awesome fire. Demo finished suggesting they’ll ride a Brumak.

2:02 PM: November 7, 2008 release date for Gears 2

2:04 PM: Sales Charts. Microsoft says they’re doing good. Shocking

2:07 PM: NBC and Universal have been added to the Xbox Video Marketplace

2:11 PM: New Xbox Dashboard! WOW. 3D interface. Avatar support! It’s made by Rare.

2:16 PM: Your avatar will be integrated into the games. Gameshow channel: Xbox Prime Time

2:18 PM: This is very Home-ish. They jumped seamlessly into Uno

2:19 PM: New Geometry Wars! Next Month!

2:20 PM: New Galaga! Looks CRAZY

2:21 pm: Portal: STILL ALIVE! AWESOME! On XBLA

2:23 pm: Partnership with Netflix. Watch movies with whoever’s on your party! That’s INSANE.

2:25PM: Rare Reel. Looks like Banjo Nuts and Bolts. Looks fantastic as always.

2:27 PM: Viva Pinata 2 trailer.

2:29 PM: Banjo 1 coming to XBLA!

2:30 PM: Scene It: Box Office Smash trailer (I like Buzz the Megaquiz Better) Avatar Support. Downloadable Questions.

2:31 PM: “You’re in the Movies” This is CRAZY. Vision Game… This is the most amazing game ever.

2:40 PM: Guitar Hero Band Exclusives.

2:43 PM: Lips Karaoke game. Use your mp3s. Props for the Zune Video. I love Zune.

2:44 PM: The Microphones look amazing.

2:46 PM: My feed died. Dancing Master Chief there now… ????

2:49 PM: It’s back. Must have been a music license issue.

2:50 PM: Alex Rigomopolus takes the stage, unveils full Rock Band 2 Roster.

2:53 PM: Don’s back on Stage. One last thing. Square Enix President. 3 big games. Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean, and The Last Remnant.

2:57PM: Last Remnant Trailer. Looks like a Square Enix RPG. Interesting. It’s coming on on PC through GFW.

3:00PM: Seems to be drawing to a close. Wait…

3:02PM: Holy CRAP! Final Fantasy XIII has just been announced for the Xbox 360. Holy Crap.

3:06PM: Show’s Over. Microsoft has just taken one of Playstation 3’s Biggest Titles from them. How Awesome? SO AWESOME.

See you folks tomorrow for Sony And Nintendo.



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