Preview: Spore Creature Creator (PC)

Meet Uncle Sofa:

Uncle Sofa knows how to get the party going. He was created using the Spore Creature Creator.

The Spore Creature Creator is but a crumb of crust from the pie that is Spore. The name is pretty literal as all you do in it is create creatures. But unlike a normal character creator, this one will hold your attention for quite a while. In most games I tend to select the most normal looking character, or the polar opposite; the entire process taking around a minute. I’ve been playing around with the Spore Creature Creator for the past seven hours without getting bored.

What sets this apart from most character creation software is the feeling that you’re actually creating something unique compared to choosing Face 5, Body 4, and Haircut 9. The feeling of working with the tool is most comparable to playing with modeling clay. You sculpt out the body and begin adding features to it. There’s no correct answer as to where any of the items are supposed to go. Do you want your creature to have it’s face on it’s back? Go for it. Want every surface of it to be covered in Mouth’s? Do it. Want an upside down head? I sure did! So I did it:

(Funtime Lenny)

One of the coolest parts of the program is the many ways available to share your creatures with your friends. In the “Test Drive” where you make your creation walk around, dance, emote, you can click a button on the UI to take a picture.

(Max from Sam and Max)

If your friends aren’t impressed by things that don’t move, you can click another button to create an animated gif of your creature doing wacky things.

Finally, the feature that impressed me most was the ability to record videos of my creature (in this case Uncle Sofa) doing things, and automatically being able to upload them to Youtube all in game.

After creating a creature you can name it, give a brief description, and upload it to the Sporepedia where anyone can download your creature. You download a PNG image of the creature you want and when that’s put into the game, it’s recognized and automatically loads as a 3D creature for you to tweak and modify.

More than anything the Creature Creator makes me extremely excited for the full release of Spore. Thinking of the possibilities of evolution and cross-breeding with my pre-existing character palate makes me grin ear to ear.

A colony of Uncle Sofa exploring the cosmo’s in search of a more habitable environment for it to colonize… I can’t wait!

The Spore Creature Creator will be released on June 17th, with a free trial coming at the same time. Spore fully releases on September 7th.

Take us home Uncle Sofa:



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