Resident Evil 5 Famitsu Scans

Famitsu scans of Resident Evil 5 hit the internets today. No translation but some Japanese speaking dynamo has grabbed a few tidbits from the article:

– A new trailer will be shown in the very near future.
– For now, Famitsu will show images and some info from one part of that trailer. (intro paragraph written by Takeuchi)
– There’s a new female character, shown holding a shotgun and wearing a tank top and boots similar to the ones Jill wore in RE3.
– In addition to areas that make use of sunlight as a gameplay dynamic, there will be darker, shadow-filled areas as well, such as a cavern where Chris utilizes a flashlight. There will be an intense contrast between light and dark.
– Chris is shown using his knife, a sniper rifle above a bridge that’s above a river, and of course the handgun.
– A few pieces of artwork are shown, such Chris fighting villagers near a crashed helicopter, that same helicopter flying amidst a smoke-filled sky, and Chris witnessing the helicopter being shot down. There’s also some kind of garden in the cavern with a giant hole above it, allowing the sunlight in.
– Chris is shown holding a blond girl noticeably shorter than him in a building.
– A picture of a chainsaw and the right leg of its weilder is shown.
– Chris will be up against very powerful enemies once again, and this shot of some creature behind iron bars is reminiscent of Chris’s previous enemies, such as CODE: Veronica’s Nosferatu (although it was Claire who faced him) and the REmake’s Lisa Trevor.
Those two creatures were imprisoned at some point as well.

And here are the scans:

The zombies look more like zombies!


10 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 Famitsu Scans

  1. I really like this game, especially enjoy in weekend that can play entire of night, cool. I also watch the movie many times.

  2. This game is looking great, have you heard about the rumored co-op and cover features to be implimented ?

    Secondly, I’m jealous of your blog, I started one of my own a few times but never knew how to advertise without getting banned from forums lol.

  3. ^I just looked into the info about the co-op. That sounds really fun. As for advertising the blog, I just kind of put it out there and people find it. If you decide to get back into it just email me, and I’ll put a link to it on the sidebar.

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