April Fools Day Done Right

The first of April is a day I usually dread. A plethora of stupidly false news stories pop up in hopes to fool people. This year there have been some truly fantastic offerings.

First up there’s a trailer for a proposed Zelda movie from IGN. It’s production value is surprisingly quite good.

You can check out their post about it here

Next up we have what appears to be a collaboration between Ubisoft and Konami:

The game itself is Metal Gear Solid 4, but the costume is that of Altair from Assassins Creed. It really shows off MGS4, which I am now in full hype mode for.

For more check out Joystiq’s list of the day’s events.



One thought on “April Fools Day Done Right

  1. The Zelda trailer looks awsome… if it wer real i would definatly go see it. IGN hav actually used the games in the film for ideas where as most film makers would just make there own version and spoil it doing so. Get a petition going for this and make IGN see how well they could make a FULL Zelda movie, not just an awsome fake trailer!

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