Sonic Unleashed Leak

While the exact terms are a bit sketchy, some very interesting material has “leaked” in regards to the next Sonic game. A few weeks ago, Sega trademarked Sonic Unleashed, which brought with it the usual “Should the franchise be put to an end” talk. Many gamers view the 3D Sonic games as bad, and think that Sonic should go back to 2D gameplay.

Shortly after the trademark scene, a whole boatload of images appeared online claiming to be from a new Sonic game (presumably Unleashed). They were said to have been found on a Sega FTP, but it’s still unclear where they truly originate from. Gamers response from the screens were mixed. But that all came to a screeching halt when a video showed up, showing off potentially the answers to gamers prayers:

It appears that the game may be rooted in 2D game play in a 3D world, aside from some 3D sections.

I enjoyed Sonic Adventure, but Adventure 2 didn’t quite do it for me. Sonic the Hedgehog (360/PS3) was what I thought I wanted, but there were a few to many flaws to get me sucked in. Sonic and the Secret Rings was a fun diversion, but this really seems the best route for the Sonic games. I’ve been a huge fan of the franchise as a whole (going so far as to owning many a copy of the comic books), and really think the future is looking up with this game, and the Sonic DS RPG. I eagerly await the official announcement which is expected at an upcoming Sega Gamers Day in May.



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