Video Games Live (Now available in MONTREAL!)


I attended the first Video Games Live show in Quebec. After many letters and emails sent to the team, they finally got to bring the show here. As a result: 2 sold out nights filled with raving (read: insane) fans waiting to get their minds blown by the composers and by the Montreal Symphony (and Choir).

It was convenient to have the St-Denis Theatre right in front of the subway station where I got off. I went to the box office to pick up my tickets for the event. They also came in a special envelope waiting for me!

By 6:30, they opened the doors to the lobby with 3 bars, 2 Wii booths (Wii Sports and GH3), 1 (supposedly working) PS3 HD MOVIE BOOTH, and the shop booth. I rocked it with GHWii to pass the time, jamming to Number of the Beast, My Name is Jonas and Knights of Cydonia (some guy was requesting me to play The Metal.)

I also ran into someone who recognized me from Festival Arcadia back in November, he had a ponytail, glasses and wore a hoodie. So if you (mysterious man) are reading this: Hi.

About a half an hour later, the theatre doors opened up and I went to go find my seat. The place was big, but I was only looking at the ground floor (ignoring the Balcony level). The stage was also big to accommodate our symphony (and the choir.)

I eventually found my seats, Row G Seat 7. Which was very cozy since it was in a sweet spot which was in the middle and not too far from the stage.

By 8:00, every thing kicked off.

As usual the show started out with the cosplay contest. The contestants were: an Auron (Final Fantasy), an Aeris (Final Fantasy), a Dick Gumshoe (Ace Attorney), a Link (Zelda), a Snake (Metal Gear Solid), a Darth Vader(?), and Meryl (Metal Gear Solid). I for one was cheering on the Dick Gumshoe and booing the Auron and Aeris. But in the end, the kid dressed up as Link won.

After that, the real show finally kicked off. Started off with a poem (yes, THAT ONE) and then Jack Wall was introduced by Snake (David Hayter) and walked in with a Retro Games tribute. Then Tommy was introduced and took the stage to talk about VGL coming to Montreal, telling us how happy they were to get 2 sold out shows and might be coming back when “It gets warmer”.

He later moved on and talked about Video Games.

“Some people say video games are for children.” The crowd booed. During the quiet long pause, I was offended. I yelled out that I was in fact a “MANCHILD” Lulz ensued.

“Some people say video games are violent.” Without a doubt, Jack Thompson’s name flew out loud and Tommy responded: “Who know’s who I’m talking about.”

He also jokingly asked for requests. Some guy yelled out “Tron” and Tommy was pointing at him to agree. I yelled out for MDK.

Then the usual pieces for the first act was in full motion. The MGS skit was hilarious. Also I couldn’t forget Matin Leung (The Video Game Pianist.) He started out with a Final Fantasy Medley and worked his other pieces during the show.

My mind was officially blown, but that was just Act I. A 20 minute pause for Act II took place briefly.

Back for more, Act II was more impressive than the first. Beyond Good & Evil, World of Warcraft (Jack started a horde/alliance fight), Starcraft 2(!), and more.

But that’s not all, Martin came back to play us some Namco pieces and introduced us to one of the show’s new pieces: a BioShock Piano solo.

The show ended with a Halo medley with Tommy on the guitar, some guy yelled: “HALO SUCKS” before the piece, once again lulz ensued. After the standing ovation, Tommy had something else to say…

“You know how people demand an encore in a rock show? They put up their lighters and chant. Now, since we’re in the a concert about video games, I want everybody to put up their DSes and PSPs in the air.”

“Wait, look at that guy in the balcony holding a laptop, what the hell are you doing with a laptop? Now tell me, is it a PC or a Mac?” The guy replies a Mac.

“A Mac?” The crowd boos at the guy.

Tommy swaps guitars and finishes the event with “One Winged Angel” (From FF7).

After the show, it was the Meet and Greet section in the lobby, I was surprised that almost everybody left and only a few people stayed after the show. I met Tommy, Jack and Martin. They were cool and enthusiastic about the fans. I mentioned to Tommy that I was the guy who requested MDK, he was happily surprised since nobody he heard requested it before. I also snagged something else.

So, in a nut shell, Video Games Live was amazing and mind blowing. I can’t wait to see it again (hopefully very soon).



5 thoughts on “Video Games Live (Now available in MONTREAL!)

  1. I’m actually going this April to the one in NY, and I am super excited. I’m glad they let you take pictures in there!!!

    Seriously, I can’t wait till April comes! n_n

  2. Hey! I didn’t get a chance to talk to you in person, but I was standing about two people behind you in line to meet up with the three video gaming gods. I’m the one who also won the PSP, whose box is graced with the signatures of three of the finest men on the planet.

    Video Games Live was my first ever video game-related show and I must say, did it ever rock. I had the gitters when Tommy came on; a man who I had seen regularly on TV, a man that I praised, and when I shook his hand after the show let me tell you, it was probably one of the best feelings of my life. I came home and for the first time started talking with complete strangers who had just arrived from the show as well and we talked and talked about it. What I’m getting at is that this show defines what video games are about: not violence, but of a medium that links generations and that brings us together to celebrate an artform. If Jack Tompson ever goes to this show, he’d probably see how much of a positive impact video games can have.

    Martin Leung was amazing. This was a man who I had practically never heard of but he obviously kicked ass on the piano. It was great to talk to him and find out that this was his first time in Montreal.

    Jack was awesome as well. I didn’t talk to him to much because personally I had never heard much about him in the past (don’t kill me for this). He did a great job of leading an orchestra he had never worked with into performing cult successes of the past, present and future.

    Overall, my favorite parts were to Metal Gear Solid (I have personally only played about ten minutes of the portable ops version and put it down, but I still greatly respected the games). The soundtrack is second to none and is purely solid, no pun intended.

    One of the major reasons I went as well was to see the Halo soundtrack be performed as well and by god was it ever worth it. Tommy Tallarico on the bass guitar?! And I was nodding my head the whole way through. I closed my eyes half way through and practically started crying. It was that good.

    There is so much to say… Here I was, an innocent avid gamer who went to see his first show; and I came out with a PSP, having met three amazing men and so much people who shed and spread nothing but an optimism that makes all of this worth it. When Tommy comes back, I’m getting a ticket for every show. I actually used it to calm me down and get me going for a serious presentation infront of judges the following day to get my IBO high school certificate. I came out with a 97%, which I believe is due to just the good feeling I had in me because of the show. I CAN’T WAIT TO GO AGAIN!

    Enough from me man. Piece.

    Sincerely, MacinManiac

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