Downloadable Content Coming to Wii!

Downloadable content for Wii games is finally on its way, Nintendo project leader Takashi Aoyama announced today at the Game Developers Conference.

The first games to take advantage of the new functionality haven’t been yet been revealed. The add-on content will be available to disc-based games and downloaded WiiWare titles. Wii Points, which can be purchased directly from Nintendo via Wii’s Shop Channel or from a local electronic retailer, will be used to buy the new content for Wii games. All transactions for purchasing downloadable content would be taken care of in-game, Aoyama said.

This news likely prompts gamers to wonder how they will fit the new content on their Wii’s given the console’s limited 512 MB of internal memory. The system does feature support for SD Cards up to 2 GB in size, although that number still pales in comparison the the storage capacities of other consoles, which range anywhere 20 GB to 120 GB.

Here’s hoping for an official HDD attachment!

-Urb4n Z0mb13


One thought on “Downloadable Content Coming to Wii!

  1. Can’t wait!!!! I’m so tired of living in the shadows of the PS3 and 360. |But have you got any idea when this will happen?

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