Audiosurf on Steam on February 15; Includes Orange Box Soundtrack!

Audiosurf, an Independent Games Festival finalist, will be available for purchase on Steam on February 15th for $9.95. Audiosurf is a music game, visually similar to Amplitude, but mixes it’s gameplay with a falling tile puzzle game. The coolest part is that you use your own songs to make the tracks (no extra work required!). The game builds the track out of your mp3s. The track will change based on the songs tempo.

An added bonus, The Orange Box Soundtrack is included in the game so you can play the iconic Team Fortress 2 jingles or Portal’s “Still Alive”.

Having tried out the beta, I am definitely planning on grabbing this. Theres just something cool about being able to play any song without assembling the track or anything.

You can pre-purchase it on Steam before February 15th for 10% off!




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