Professor Layton and the Curious Village Trailer

Professor Layton looks to be another amazing adventure game for the DS. The DS seems to offer up some amazing adventure games like the Ace Attorney series, Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, and the Touch Detective series. Seeing how many of these kind of games are out on DS in Japan, we should all cross our fingers that Nintendo keeps up the trend of bringing them stateside.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is out on February 10th.



Devil May Cry 4 Widget Contest!

There’s a pretty cool contest going on for fans of Devil May Cry 4. There’s a flash based widget that you can put on your site, blog, or social network of choice, which lets you check out rare screenshots, videos and other related things. The contest goal is to have as many of your friends, or site visitors to “grab” the widget for their own use! Prizes (which will be awarded to the most grabs) include an HDTV, a Collectors Edition of Devil May Cry 4, and much more!

If you want to be a part of this, check out this page and pick your side: Nero Nation, or Dante’s Disciples, and you will receive further instruction by email. While is not participating in the contest, I wanted to get the word out to you guys. Good luck!


Bioware’s Sonic RPG details from Nintendo Power

Ever since it was announced, Bioware’s Sonic the Hedgehog RPG has been a project of interest by many in the gaming community. The idea of Sonic (an action title focused on speed) being turned into a turn based RPG, seemed a bit far fetched. But hearing that Bioware was in charge of development, the anticipation rose.

The most recent Nintendo Power has a cover story on the game, entitled “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood“.

The preview reveals that the game will feature a ‘hand-drawn, watercolored’ look. You can have 4 members in your party at a time. Confirmed characters include Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, Big the Cat, with 4 left to be revealed. The game will not include random battles, but instead take a cue from Blue Dragon by letting you see your enemies before you attack. As a team you will have special attacks, and Team attacks (like Chrono Trigger). You will be leveling up and can choose which traits you wish to devote leveling up to. You can purchase special attacks with the in-game currency (rings, of course!). Dialogue trees will have a small presence in the game, as will side quests.

In addition to the RPG elements,  the games story seems fairly interesting for a Sonic game. Sonic’s taking a break after defeating Eggman 2 years earlier. His vacation is cut short when he gets a call from Tails explaining Knuckles has been kidnapped by a group called The Marauders, and that the 6 Chaos Emeralds are missing. This kick-starts Act one of the game which takes place in standard Sonic zones (remixes of classic tunes are mentioned). Eggman is not the main villain this time around, but Bioware mentions that they want to make him a creditable foe again. There is a twist mentioned between Eggman and Sonic which dates  back to the earlier games. The second act takes place in a darker world setting.

Sonic Chronicle’s is shaping up to be a pretty awesome game, and might actually rescue the Sonic franchise from the mediocrity it’s fallen into for the last few games.


Portal Fan creates “Still Alive” Presentation on real Console Terminal

Portal goes out on a cool note, literally, by a great song sung by a character in the game. Fans of the game became instantly infatuated with the catchy tune, and have been making tributes to the song since the games release. This one is especially cool though.

Portal Fan “Thrashbarg” built an old school terminal devoted to playing the song with the images and lyrics digitized to the monitors. While the lyrics themselves are the main source of the spoilers (Which this version doesn’t contain), you will probably get more out of the video if you have played Portal.