Review: Buzz! The Mega Quiz (PS2)

Gather up the family and friends, get your buzzers ready, it’s time to play Buzz! The Mega Quiz!

Buzz! The Mega Quiz for PS2 is a game that puts you and your friends on the TV game show Buzz! hosted by Buzz, a snappy British cartoon styled character. Buzz says some generally funny things but can also get under your skin if you’re not doing so well. The game has made me chuckle a few times, which is not something most games do.

The game comes packaged with 4 buzzer controllers, which you use to select answers and ring in during a speed round. The game is broken up into segments ranging from Globe Trotter, which has a player choose what place on Earth the question will come from, to Winner Stays On which players answer questions based on two images, and winner keeps playing losers are out for the round.

With a good variety in the games it’s well balanced, on the exception of a game called Point Stealer. This segment comes at the end of the game, and basically makes all of the points you earned meaningless. The game asks you questions, and whichever player gets the correct answer first gets to pluck a large amount of points from the player of their choice. So even if you’ve been winning the the entire game, during that round you could come out losing the entire game.

Aside from that minor annoyance the group of people I played with all had a blast. It’s a great game to just pull out when people come over and play a quick round. The game is smart with the humor and can ask some difficult questions. It doesn’t lend itself well to single-player though, so be prepared for that.

Overall the game is worth your time if you’re looking for a good party game for the holidays.




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