So I attended Patrice Desilet’s 2 hour Assassin’s Creed stage demo today. Luckily I came to the conference room early, when it began it was jammed with people.

The conference was split into 5 sections:

– Summary

– A little history on Assassin’s Creed

– What we said & how it found itself in the game

– Demo!!!

– Q&A

Conference Summary

First of all, he brought up how the game was created. After Prince of Persia: Sands of Time’s release (December 2003), Patrice took a long vacation. A year after (January 2004) the PoP team leaned towards the creation of a new IP. The year after (September 2005) at TGS, the announcement of Assassin’s Creed.


Patrice pointed out that he also represents the 300+ team working on the game in the span of 4 years (he also pointed out that this is the only time we could see Jade Raymond.)


In 4 years, they made 3 cities, 1 kingdom, around 200 generic Characters/NPCs, about 10k animations, approx. 20 hours of gaming (for Patrice anyways), and 9.

4 years

Now comes the demo.

Taking place at a city called Acre. His target was a knight. He shows us the HUD: weapon select, map, health and a social status meter (to check if the assassin is wanted or not.)

What really caught my eye was the interactive cinematics with the game. The main one was when your target was on a horse and talking to a crowd of people.

Instead of standing around while the event is happening, you actually walk around in the crowd pushing people and blending in and try getting closer to the action, but don’t blow your cover. Later, the knight rode off somewhere else and you had to follow him but first you had to pickpocket theives (hah) for weapons.

Then later he did some building hopping and guard killing, then finally stabbed his target in mid-air with his consealed wrist-blade. After the killing, he was chased by many other guards, so more building hopping and more guard killing to escape. The easiest hiding spot was a pile of hay. Then later he decided to show off the whole landscape by climbing the tallest building (Cathedral) and show off the view.

The demo ends with a leap of faith.

Now starts the Q&A session, someone asked Patrice of the rumored DS version of game, Patrice responded that he can’t comment on rumors and speculation, and said nobody tells him nothing these days. Then later alot of: “Amazing, Congratulations and WOW!”

The conference ends, but a long poster signing begins shortly after.




One thought on “Arcadia Day 2: PATRICE DESILET

  1. if there was a way you could contact Patrice Desilets, could you ask him to make an add on for Assassins Creed 2 that lets you replay main missions? That was an important feature in the first game, and without it, makes me want to leave the game in its case.

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