Demo Discussion: Clive Barker’s Jericho

There have been a ton of 360 demos coming out these days.  The Clive Barker’s Jericho demo has been on the marketplace for a few weeks, and the Guitar Hero 3 demo is included in the most recent issue of Official Xbox Magazine.

Jericho isn’t really an average FPS. The character you play as is actually killed off very early in the game. This allows you to travel freely around between Team Jericho. You can change character mid game. The game’s puzzles rely on certain characters abilities. I played most of the demo as the character Church. She’s equipped with a sword that can take down enemies with ease.

The game itself didn’t really present as much challenge as I would have thought, but it seems to have a good balance between the gun play, and exploring. Although with the exploring there were some rather big issues. While exploring I got to a point where I was asked to run up to ‘the wall’ and press A to climb. At this point there were many walls all around me. I spent 40 minutes trying to find this ‘wall’ only to find that I would have had to backtrack to get to the it. That whole time the character Abagail Black  said “Move it Church!” a total on 37 times. It was extremely annoying.

The demo still had some interesting  aspects. The area reminded me of an Oblivion dungeon due to the lighting, and the characters looked very disturbing.It’s worth a try, just remember that when it asks you to climb ‘the wall’ turn around…



4 thoughts on “Demo Discussion: Clive Barker’s Jericho

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