Street Fighter 4!

This style reeks awesome. No platforms were mentioned (bet on 360 and PS3) but we do know that it’s more than a year off.



2 thoughts on “Street Fighter 4!

  1. wow! This game is going to be amazing! I saw this video at weshow and got amazed… (
    OMG!!! i can’t wait to start playing it!
    Do you guys know any other preview video?

  2. Interesting, I thought we’d never see this happen. I wonder which platform they’ll be releasing it on, and if it’ll truly be 3D? I know a lot of the hardcore Street Figher fans, that read this blog, will be disgusted with my next comment, but how awesome would a Cell-shaded 3D Street Fighter be? I’d be up for that, as long as the cell-shading isn’t too over the top, and it’s been done well. (or maybe even something like the style that Team Fortress 2 has)

    I like the art style that Capcom was going for here. I hope they don’t decide to change it when Street Fighter 4 releases..

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