Rumor: Next Prince of Persia to be similar to Zelda/Ico!?

A very interesting rumor surfaced recently about the new Prince of Persia game. I’m not sure how reliable the source is, but this one is too awesome to pass up.

The game, scheduled for release in the second half of next year (for PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and PC), will feature younger prince than previous trilogy saw and will serve as a prequel to those titles and the start to a new trilogy (the second title scheduled to come out in summer 2009 to capitalize on the release of The Sands of Time feature film). Stylistically and gameplay-wise, the game has abandoned the dark edginess of the last two titles in favor a fantastical cross between The Sands of Time, Ico and Zelda.

There are 2 small screenshots attached

While the authenticity of the blog that posted the rumor is questionable, the similarities between the art style displayed in the screenshots is very similar to the concept art in the Ubisoft leak last year:

(You might be seeing the grapple claw in the first screenshot)

Rumor Source

I really hope this one comes true because an Ico/Zelda style game of any kind would be on my wishlist. Throw in Sands of Time, and I’m 100% sold. Make it happen Ubisoft!



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