Nintendoverload! Mario Baseball, Sonic In Smash, DS Demos!

– Monster Hunter 3 for Wii
– SSBX JP delay to 1/24, Sonic announced
– Mario Kart Wii Spring ‘08, motorcycles!
– Super Mario Stadium Baseball Wii
– Wii Music coming, Wii Fit ~$75
– WiiWare in March w/ new FFCC game
– More WiiWare: Dr. Mario, Pokemon Rancher, Star Soldier
– Download DS demos from Wii
– Fire Emblem DS

Various Screenshots:

^Mario Superstar Baseball

^Wii Music

^Disaster: Day of Crisis

^Dr. Mario Wii (Wii Ware)

^Super Mario Galaxy (looking better than ever)

^Pokemon Farm (Wii Ware)

Big News day for Nintendo, and I’m liking what I’m seeing!



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