New Halo 3 ViDoc!

There’s a new Halo 3 ViDoc about Saved Films and The Forge Level modifier on Xbox Live, and

This should add to the level of hype as you wait the 4 long days until Halo 3 is released.

If you’re into Halo’s Music, make sure to check out the Bungie Podcast which has Marty O’Donnell guest starring. It could be the perfect thing to listen to in line (If you don’t want the idiot next to you spoiling the ending he saw on YouTube…)

For more on The Forge make sure to read Tyson Green’s (Bungie’s Multiplayer Lead) 3 part Guide to The Forge.

Forge Basics

Forge Object Editing

Advanced Forge Editing

I leave you with a picture taken by a lucky dude that found the game early. It contains nothing spoilerific, just awesomeness.



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