New Kingdom Hearts Spinoffs!

From 1up

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP looks to be a single-player adventure in the vein of the PlayStation 2 iterations, though likely not “Kingdom Hearts III.” Birth by Sleep’s protagonist was not explicitly named in the presentation, but he looked an awful lot like Zack of Final Fantasy VII/Crisis Core fame.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for Nintendo DS appears to star Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II, but its main draw looks to be four-player simultaneous play using members of Organization XIII. It will be in full 3D.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded is a mobile game, likely for Japanese cell phones. It stars the familiar cast of main characters from the original Kingdom Hearts (Sora & co.) and seems to be set between the first and second PlayStation 2 titles.

There you have it. You guys like Kingdom Hearts. This isn’t Kingdom Hearts 3 but at least we can Finally rule out that Birth By Sleep is not a teaser for KH3.

Here’s a link to a scan of what I guess is Birth By Sleep. 



9 thoughts on “New Kingdom Hearts Spinoffs!

  1. YES! birth by sleep on psp!
    is the zack-looking character u play as, the guy it shows at the end of birth by sleep vid???

  2. its birth by sleep not death by sleep and birth by sleep is not a bad name
    but i hav to agree: what kind of name is 358/2 for a game!?
    and if birth by sleep named after clip at end of kh2 then y wasnt chain of memories called deep dive

  3. I think that if any more kh games r gonna b made then it definetely ought 2 b on ps2. Especialy since it started on ps2 in the 1st place cuz i dont wanna buy a whole new system 4 1 game

    • no no no!! you can play the first and second kingdom hearts on ps3 but then again, thats if your ps3 is backwards compatible!!! =(

      GBA:chain of memories can be bought for playstation but its called kingdom hearts -final mix-

      358/2 days is new, while the psp game:birth by sleep and mobile game kingdom hearts coded is still in japan and is yet to be released world wide.

      anyone know were this mega theatre is, in the picture?!? i really wanna know!
      message me back asap!!!! >.<~


  4. It’s very exciting that we will see how the whole Kingdom Hearts began. That’s what Birth by sleep is about right the begining before Sora even wielded the Keyblade. Jajaja. But they should get to work on other stories some disney characters are still missing. I say why not add The princess and the Frog or Pocahontas. But I hope they finally have Kairi and Sora kiss at least once.

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