Halo 2 had a pretty awesome ad campaign that was basically about the Covenant invading earth. It showed game footage, and some cinematics.

With Master Chief finishing the fight, and saving the planet as we know it, a different approach was taken.

With “Believe” no in game footage is presented. The two commercials take place after the events of Halo 3, and are both told in the form of dioramas.

The first ad depicts a former marine visiting a Museum and reminiscing to what is presumed to be a younger marine, about when he fought alongside the Master Chief. It’s silent, which adds to the mood greatly. You begin to think about the marines that you’ve fought alongside throughout the games. What’s their story?

Then there’s the soon to be released ad titled “Believe”

It’d more focused on the game. Although the agency that made the commercials knows no more about the plot that we do, so the ads don’t give anything away. It’s showing the seen where Master Chief is Arming His grenade as mentioned in the Museum spot.


Then check out the actual size of the Diorama.

The size of a small apartment. There are talks of taking it on tour around the world and to museums.

The BELIEVE website has launched and it’s nothing short of spectacular.  

Halo 3 Believe

Also a new video showing a Making of the Diorama while staying with the style of the first 2 has been released





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