Rumor: 360 Fall Update to Expand Parental Controls With Timer

Kid’s who value their gaming should probably not show their parents this post. Although kudos if you’re parents read Buttonbasher.

The rumor is that the Xbox 360’s fall update will feature a password protected timer, that would allow parents to program how long their children are allowed to play. This could potentially make some kids angry, not just because their parents really are in control of their gaming time, but because there could be many lost saves due to the console shutting off.

I’m curious to read the fine print on this. What’s to stop little Johnny from turning the console right back on and lying to his parents that the timer still has time on it? Does it prompt you to save your game? What if you’re in the middle Xbox Live game? Would the console wait for the game to end or just show you as “quiting”?

I wonder how this will play out.



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