Rumor: Metroid Dread could be a Surprise Megaton

It’s one of Nintendo’s stranger cover-up conspiracies.  Metroid Dread has been a long rumored project for DS. Read up on it’s crazy past here.   Well it seems to have ticked back up on to the radar, or rather scan visor, again.  IGN reports that around midway through Metroid Prime 3, as you are using your scan visor you will stumble upon this screen:

“Nearing Final Stages of Completion”. Keeping this in terms with the history of the project, it’s rumored that it was too early to show at E3 05, but surely it could be nearing completion, despite not being announced.

Could this be connected in any way with Reggie’s promised September surprise?  No, idea. But this is definitely something to watch.



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