Preview: Bioshock (360)

I just finished playing through the Bioshock Demo (Available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace), and came away very impressed.

The presentation grabs you from the beginning. The demo starts with your character experiencing a plane crash. The sound really gives a sense of urgency as you grasp to reach the surface for air. When you reach the surface you find yourself surrounded in flame. I actually spent a minute or two just marveling at the water.

There is a building jutting out of the barren ocean. When you enter, you find that someone is watching you. They turn on lights when you reach a dark area. They’re controlling things as you reach them. When you enter the elevator, and begin your decent to the World of Rapture, a movie screen drops down over the window, and you’re given an insight into the reason Andrew Ryan created the City of Rapture. The screen drops and you see the first view of Rapture. As your elevator moves under a glass walkway, you get your first glimpse of a citizen of Rapture.

Your elevator docks and you hear a new voice coming out of the radio. You pick it up and take it with you. The voice belongs to you’re friend who is watching you, Atlus. He won’t open the door yet. A man outside the elevator is attacked by a creature that moves very fast. The door opens and you progress through the first few areas of Rapture. You seem to be stuck. There’s a door with an electric lock that you can’t work around.

Work your way up the stairs and there is a strange kiosk reading Plasmids. Injecting yourself with the syringe that comes out of the machine sends electricity surging through your veins. Atlus says that your DNA code is being rewritten. Overcome by pain, you take a shaky step and end up falling off of the balcony. In a cutscene, your body is being examined by the same type of enemy you saw before, The Splicers. They’re scared off by something bigger.

It’s a Big Daddy.

After everyone clears out, you get up and use your new found electric powers, and unlock the door.

You’re in one of the glass hallways you saw on the way down to Rapture. I took a moment to marvel at the expansive city and water effects and noticed something moving in the water. It’s part of my downed airplane, and it’s getting closer. CRASH. Water begins to fill the corridor and you have to B-line through the airplane tail to get through. Running through the next door you enter the main area of Rapture.

The rest of the demo is fairly straight forward, explaining the world and such. There’s a cliffhanger ending that leaves you grasping for more just like your character grasped for air in the intro. This game has such potential and is a day one buy for me.

PC demo is coming, and 360 demo is available now.



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