Bungie Weekly Update 8.10.07

First the real weekly update:

Halo Uprising Art:

There are more in the update.

Fan questions:

Did the female multiplayer Spartan voice make it into the final cut?

Yes. You may select gender for voice, the default is male.

Are we going to get a new ViDoc before launch?


Are there weapons and/or vehicles that have NOT been shown to the public yet?

Yes, lots.

What is there left to do in Halo 3’s production schedule?

Polish and vacation and manufacture.

In speaking to the press, has Bungie revealed all the available multiplayer weapons, vehicles and equipment currently available in Halo 3? Or could there more surprises?

There are surprises left.

How complete is the music implementation in the game so far? You had mentioned it was being added as recently as a few weeks ago, and I’m curious how it’s progressed.

Very. Finishing touches were made last night. 99%, I’d call it.

Will we see any game footage from Bungie before the game launches?


And exactly how much space is there in the Elephant?

Enough to fit all members of both teams, two Mongooses and a Scorpion. Seriously.

This is an Elephant (drivable base) by the way:

There are at least two full-page ads floating around that deal with the same spoilerish content. You’ve said before that these ad designers have no access to the end of the game and that it’s all just “flavor”. It’s still disconcerting, though, that both imply the same ending, and have the same “tone”. And Marty’s ominous warning sure didn’t help. In any case, are the ad folks really basing their marketing efforts on what they’re guessing is the ending? Please tell me their just blowing smoke.

There are no spoilers of any kind in the marketing. You have my guarantee, and Marty literally freaks out every time he reads any story content, such as when I mentioned that Spartan 117’s real name was “John.” Seriously.

These are the ads:

Also I got mine answered:

KLind asks,

Seriously: With saved films can you only record from the predesignated angles (First person, Overhead, etc.) or can you record a player controller sweeping camera. Like if I wanted to make a video mimicking the beta menu. Do you just select angles for parts of the film or do you hold down a button to record…

Does that make sense?

A film can be viewed from any angle. When you make a clip of that film, the angles and camera movements you record are retained. So when somebody views one of your clips, they see the same camera work, yes. But they may, at any time, detach and control the camera themselves.IGN is running a story too about 2 new weapons in Halo 3: The Flamethrower and the Incendiary grenade:

Theres a cool 3D quicktime of the above image at the IGN page

Finally the new Bungie Podcast is up

45 days!



One thought on “Bungie Weekly Update 8.10.07

  1. OMG! The flamethrower is da bomb! My only questions are will the Elephant be usable in multiplayer mode? Has Bungie comfirmed that these new weapons and vehicles are really gonna be in the game? Cuz I really hope that these are not just crazy rumors or the dreams of an obsessed halo fan!!!

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