Interview: Jon St. John! A.K.A Duke Nukem!

I had the chance to ask a few quick questions of the voice behind the Iconic Duke Nukem, Jon St. John .

Buttonbasher: What is your favorite voice line from the Duke Nukem games?

Jon St. John: My favorite Duke line: “I’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck…”

BB: Do you play the Duke Nukem games?

JSJ: HELL YES! I don’t really care for the later platforms like Manhattan Project, etc. The 3d Atomic version still is my favorite.

BB: When did you start doing voice work for Duke?

JSJ: I started as the voice of Duke in 1995 with the 3D series and have been Duke
ever since.

BB: How did you get the job of voicing Duke?

JSJ: I got the job like I get any other job…auditions. They wanted someone with a deep, gritty voice and that’s me.

BB: If you could say one thing as Duke to the guys at 3D realms regarding the progress of Duke Nukem Forever what would it be?

JSJ: To the guys at 3D realms I would say…what are you waiting for…Christmas?

BB: What would be your dream voice acting job?

JSJ: As far as my dream voice work…movie trailers. Right now, a fellow named Don La Fontaine is the king of movie trailers…but someday I hope to take his place.

Also if anyone wants to check out a new voice clip of Duke, check out Jon St. John’s website: and click Make Contact, and click on the “Duke Rock’em” icon.

I want to thank Jon St. John for answering my questions, and I can’t wait to hear Duke again in Duke Nukem Forever when it comes out…sometime in the future.



4 thoughts on “Interview: Jon St. John! A.K.A Duke Nukem!

  1. Fuck YEAH !!! John, you ROCK like hell !!! I’m probably one of the biggest Duke Nukem fan ever! I can’t wait to hear your voice again on DNF !

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