Viva Pinata DS!

I recently got around to playing Viva Pinata on the 360 and came away impressed. Today the game was announced to be headed to DS!

Official words from Rare:

Yes, as announced by our boys at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, Viva Piñata on DS is a reality. That’s three VP announcements in as many weeks. Told you there was a resurgence happening.

As this one’s being developed in-house we’ll have a full section in the Games area when enough details and assets are available, but for now, here’s the first official screenshot (click the icon above) and a rundown of what you can expect…

This is a full-size Viva Piñata game in your pocket, featuring not only the entire range of paper beasts from the Xbox 360 title but also a few new ones thrown in to spice things up for those familiar with the established cast.

You’ll also be given free rein with an expanded selection of tools and tool actions, upgraded forms of the Journal and Encyclopedia, and brand new game modes such as Sandbox (for full and easy access to your favourite Piñatas) and Episodes (tying in more closely to the TV series and allowing fans of the show to spend quality time with familiar faces).

But one of the biggest changes is obviously the control method, with stylus input transforming the way in which you interact with your menagerie. Design, nurture, instruct, protect and care for your garden and animals through direct touch. The DS WiFi service also lets you send prime Piñata specimens to your friends, making the act of parading your Doenut around in a humiliating pirate outfit easier than ever.

And there you have it. More details as and when they arrive. When it comes to writing up the main game section we’ll probably recycle most of the text above, so I hope you enjoyed it. Viva Piñata on DS – roaming your way soon!



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