New MGS4 Info

Hideo Kojima demoed Metal Gear Solid 4’s gameplay today, at a Sony Japan event. No video was recorded yeah i’ll bet but Famitsu took notes of what happened:

• It’s possible to take weapons from enemies
• Snake can hide under metal drums — these are more effective than boxes
• Rolling too much in drums causes Snake to get sick and puke
• Looking at bikini magazines helps Snake refrain from puking — it’s possible to actually look through the pages
• There is a first person view as well as a third person view
• Crosshairs are controlled by the SixAxis
• Snake can roll himself sideways
• Using the Octocam let’s players pretend they’re dead
• Shake the SIXAXIS to turn off the Octocam
• Stealth mode Metal Gear MkII, which is hard for enemies to detect, is controlled with the SIXAXIS

I’m not to sure about the crosshairs being handled with Sixaxis, but the game does look great.

Source: Kotaku



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