Liveblogging Sony’s Pre-E3 Press Conference!

2:29: It’s starting. Turn off the cell phone.

2:31: Fancy Effects of the buttons. It starts.

2:33: Jack Trenton is speaking from in Home! Huge outdoor town center, Home Square. Now he’s out on stage. He says it “Soony”. Interesting. “Games Games, and more games!” Speaking about 80GB model, and price drop. 50+ games to be shown.

2:37: PS2 still going. 118 Million world wide. Plans to ship 10 million this year. Buzz and Singstar chat. 160 games coming to PS2 this fiscal year.

2:39: PSP: Price drop and marketing is moving systems. To ship 9 million systems this year. 100 or so games this year.

Trailer Reel: Socom PSP, Wipeout Pulse!, Syphon Filter Logans Shadow, NBA 08, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Silent Hill Origins!, Patapon?, Tiger Woods 08, Sonic Rivals 2!, Sims 2 Cast Away, SWAT Target Liberty, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles.

2:45: Jacks back “Home” Kaz is in HOME, Jack asks Kaz if he’s playing Riiidge Raaacer. Heh. Now Kaz Hirai is on stage.

2:47: Big PSP announcement. Oooh PSP lite! Feels lighter (33%) 19 % smaller, faster loading and battery life better. Can be hooked up to Bravia HD TV to share with your dudes. He’s pimping Spiderman 2. Presses a button to send to TV. Neat. Games included as well. Play games on TV!

2:50: Now discussing PSP to PS3 connectivity. Can access PC content wirelessly from PSP! Kaz leaves. PSP colors for NA: Black, Ice Silver (UGLY) but includes 1GB stick, UMD Family Guy 199$ includes Daxter. Chewbacca onstage! Showing off Starwars Battlefront PSP. God this is retarded. October 199$ Battlefront looks decent. ONLY ON THE PSP SYSTEM. Chewbacca leaves. Sigh… They’re trying sooo hard to be funny, but no one cares.

2:55:Phil Harrison is on stage to show PSN stuff. Made a Wookie hair joke. Failed. Calling out XBLA for size limit. Going to show 5 new games. 80 download games planned. Least Graphics most Gameplay: Echochrome Awesome handdrawn art style. MC Escher based? Looks amazing. I’ll buy a PSP for this! Sort of Portal-esque. Next Game: Wipeout HD, followed by Pain, last two are: Warhawk and Socom Confrontation. My feed is dying…


3:04: Feed seems back on. Phil is back. Talking about Home. Global “Beeta” has been good. Whoa! Home is running on Phone. Not 3d though. He’s taking crowd picture. This worked great last time at GDC. Talking about Microtransaction stuff. Showing Beach house, City Penthouse, Japanese lounge, crazy looking Mushroom house. Phil put the phone away, did it mess up?! Heh.

3:11: Phil: The picture he took is in his house now, loaded automatically. Photomode in home. Launch any game through Home! Playing some Motorstorm. Phil sucks at Motorstorm, bails out. Heh.

3:15: Moving to PS3: 80GB in August. Sales have doubled since price drop. Pokes fun at the leak of the news. “Blu Ray was the way to go” Lair is 25GB! Blockbuster dropped HD-DVD in favor of Blu Ray! Whoa! 120 Blu Ray games (15 exclusive) from Sony themselves.

3:19: MEGATON: NC Soft will Be joining PS3 CAMP! EXCLUSIVE GAMES! Wow! That’s HUGE news!

3:21: Ubisoft: Haze Timed Exclusive to PS3. Trailer. Looks pretty good. Driving included.

3:24: Unreal Engine 3 used now for PS3 games, Unreal Tournament 3 Exclusive (timed?) Will feature USER CREATED CONTENT! Mods! Graphics looks slick!

3:26: 3rd Party: Call of Duty 4 , Assassins Creed , Kane and Lynch, Resident Evil 5 (Same trailer from MS), Burnout Paradise, Madden 08, Harry Potter, Simpsons game, Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, Metal of Honor Airborne, and Rock Band (Microsoft Showed ALL of these last night). 3rd Party Exclusive: METAL GEAR SOLID 4!

3:33: Kojima on-stage: “I safely made it this year to E3! Well the game Metal Gear is celebrating its 20th year aniversary in July,” It’s the Last MGS4 game. Last Kojima MGS, Last Snake MGS. “All Plot and secrets will be revealed, and the game itself will be a stealth game, with new elements. I promise you that I’m using all my skills to make this game. Today, I brought with me the newest trailer. Not a Movie, realtime footage from PS3. First to show the new Trailer”

3:37: Looks better than ever. Old Snake looks neat. I have no idea what any of the plot means. Snake is injured by something that was injected in him. Hallucinating? Fumbling all over the battlefield. Raiden! Killing those metal Gear leg things. Ninja man. Dude just stabbed his foot. That guy pulls a knife through him! Elaborate Fight scene. Dual Stabbing? Acid? What? I’m not following this at all. Early 2008 Worldwide release. They say it’s exclusive, but it will come to 360 eventually. Mark my words. Also: Kojima has a cold. They’ll demonstrate gameplay on the 17th. There more details will be revealed. Will look crazy.

3:44:First party games: Phil in Home in Ratchet costume. He’s crazy. Ratchet in Clank: Future trailer looks gorgeous. Only possible on PS3. Folklore (Pokemon meets Luigis Mansion, meets RPG). Heavenly Sword! Only possible on Blu Ray. NBA 08… Little Big Planet! Play, Create, Share. Uncharted! Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper) new game: Superhero/antihero: Infamous! Open City(Huge). Looks fantastic. Looks very Crackdownish which is awesome. Gran Turismo 5 Pro-Log! Photo Realistic as to be expected.

3:59: Phil leaves. In Home: Big announcement. Killzone. Same trailer posted in the previous post. Anticlimactic. Actually it may be slightly longer.

4:05: Jack is back. Montage.

4:06: It’s over!

Happy fun time. New PSP, Chewbacca, and some exclusives! Way to go Sony!


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