Liveblogging Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Press Conference!

Here we go again!

11:51AM: Looking for a feed last minute…

11:56: panicking that Gamespots feed isn’t up.

12:00: Gamespot is up! Sigh…

12:02: Talking NES… Wii News reel mashup. DJ WiiJ

12:04: “My name is Reggie, and I am Happy! Today is a celebration. Coming Out party!” Hot.

12:05: Graphs! Yawn.

12:06: Expanded Market. Blah. Reggies hands freak me out.

12:07: 69% of all growth is Nintendo.

12:08: DS is leading growth…yawn…

12:10: Talks of lady players. 80/20 split Male/Female for everyone else. Nintendo= 67/33 Male/Female split.

12:14: Wii just a fad? Reggie says: DS worldwide passed sales mark. Best Selling system on the Planet. Wii sold out since launch 33 weeks ago. Aimed to be Number 1 worldwide in this generation.

12:16: 140 DS Games 100 new Wii games.

12:17: Wii is for me too: More YouTube videos.

12:19: Wii Zapper. Good god it is Ugly. I’ll buy it though because I’m a fanboy. Resident Evil US, Ghost Squad. New Medal of Honor built for Zapper. 20 bucks. Packaged in with games.

12:21: Soul Caliber Legend, WWE, Ninja Gaiden DS, Square Enix: Dragon Quest Wii next year, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games.

12:23: Super Smash Bros Brawl: Date: December 3rd!

12:25: Documentary on…Hm…What?

12:26: Now they’re on stage to demo some new games… Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Mike leave. Metroid Prime 3 played with an actual girl. You can still lock on, but aim while doing so. Hyper Mode…

12:35: Wii online talk. Wii Ware.

12:36: Check Mii Out channel. Vote on Miis. Wii online gameplay? Pokemon (side note, I fell asleep playing this), Mario Strikers, Madden and Fifa Online Enabled! Dragon Quest Monsters Joker DS Online battle. GH3!

12:39: Mario Kart Wii, Online enabled with Battle and Race. Stay tuned for how many numbers. Controls = Wii Wheel! Packed in with Mario Kart.

12:42: Mass marketing! Iwata takes the stage! This just in, Iwata cooks for his family! Addressing Hardcore worries. “Remember your first day as gamers!” People say you are wasting your time playing games. “Yes, I have parents too” “Games are for everyone”

12:50: Miyamoto is coming out with a NEW GAME! Mario Galaxy is shown now. New worlds looking GOOD. Brain Age 2, too. Mario in Bee suit. Mario Galaxy on November 12, 2007!

12:55: High School Musical…Yeah… Rayman Rabbids 2. Eye training = Flash Focus. My Life Coach “Will Make your life better, and what’s better for a game to do?!” – Reggie.

12:59: Wii Fit: Have some work out stool? Hula Hoops! I am SOOO buying this one. Dancing!

1:02: Miyamoto: “Have you been getting your sweat on these days?” Creepy. Live demo of Wii Fit. Balancing, and Step dance fun! This is awesome! Called the Wii Balance Board. Based on weight, and balance which could detect a lot. Reggies “body is ready”. They’re giving him a Body Check. Can track results by using Mii’s.

Everyone is going to have a soccer head competition. Reggie wins. Crazy Polish music explosion!

1:17: It’s over.

That was an okay showing.  New Peripherals, Release Dates, Wii Fit, all are great.

Now for Sony in about 1 hour and 1o min.


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