Liveblogging Microsoft’s Pre-E3 Press Conference!

Rumor has it Rock Band has some sort of exclusivity deal, and there is a Halo 3 360 to be debuted. Also Halo 3 on stage demo confirmed.

11:00PM EST: Still searching for a feed…

11:03PM: Found one I think, but there’s no audio… Also testing the liveblogging.

11:10PM: Gamespot feed is up. Audio included!

11:14PM: Actually G4’s feed online is quite good.

11:16PM: Hoping between feeds now. 1up is blaring highpitched beeps. Thats bad.

11:18PM: 10 min. till show. I’m pumped.

11:25PM: 5 min. I’m shaking.

11:28PM: Almost…

11:32PM: It begins

11:33PM: Band playing Halo music!!!

11:35PM: Music over. Sweet.

11:37: Peter Moore on stage!

11:39: Harmonix with live demo of Rock Band!

11:40: Peter Moore Jammin on Guitar (This is retardedly awesome).

11:41: They broke Rockband!

11:42: They hit pause. Funny MS!

11:44: Viva Pinata party game. Party Animals

11:45: New Mass Effect Trailer! November Release date.

11:49: Graphs.

11:51: Trailer Reel: PGR4, Gundam Warrior, COD4, Stranglehold, GH3, Katamari, Lost Odessy, NBA something, Mass Effect, Fatal Inertia, Medal of Honor, Tiger Woods, Ace Combat 6, NHL, Assassins creed, Spiderman lol, Simpsons, Splinter Cell, Nascar, Eternal Sontata, Bioshock, Madden, Tony Hawk, Crashof the Titans,Harry Potter lol, Half Life Orange Box, Bee Movie, Rock Band, Naruto.

11:56: Scene it for 360 (cool?) Whoa! New Controller! Whoa. It’s long.

11:57: Naruto Trailer… Exclusive… Cool?

12:00: Reggie Bush to show off Madden. Yawn.

12:03: ‘Xbox Live is good, and so are we’. Boastful…

12:04: Xbox Live Arcade talk. More than 100 XBLA games by years end: Bomberman, Undertow, Hexics 2, SONIC!, War World, Soccor, Feeding Frenzy, Track and Field, Board games, Golden Axe, Space Giaraffe, Word Puzzle, Marathon!!, Switchball, Tetris, Puzzle Quest, Sudoku.

12:07: Sonic and Golden Axe, Tonight!

12:08: Disney stuff for Video Download. Some up tonight! Current movies?

12:10: Video Marketplace going global.

12:11: Shane Kim takes the stage.

12:12: Shane talks dates, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Lost Oddessy.

12:13: PGR4: Live demo. Showing off Bikes, Game looks great especially the weather. Features Saved Films/Pics that can be shared with XBL friends.

12:18: Talking games, Too Human, Alan Wake, Halo Wars. New Lost Oddessy Trailer!

12:20 Lost Odyssey looks amazing!

12:21: Games for Windows: Viva Pinata, Gears of War (Cliffy B on stage. He was in the chat that I’m in. He left before this though. Heh.) 5 New GoW Single player missions, new maps, etc. Looks just as good as 360.

12:24: Peter Moore is back on stage. Easier to make GFW game with UE3.

12:26: GFW trailer: Flight Sim X, Thrillville, Bee Movie lol, Hellgate London, Age of Empires 3: Asian Chronicles, Stranglehold, Gears, Bioshock, CRYSIS!, Universe at War,Area 51, World in Conflict, Conan, Lost Planet, Kane and Lynch, Company of Heroes, Zoo Tycoon, Juiced 2, Viva Pinata, Spiderman Friend or Foe.

12:30: Call of Duty 4 talk, new trailer (E3 trailer actually. I saw it yesterday). Live demo. “Deep and Hard” … Looks superb. COD4 360 Beta!

12:38: Splinter Cell Conviction. Exclusive to 360. GTA talk. TWIST. All the footage we’ve seen so far of GTA IV has been from the 360 version. That’s cool.

12:40: GTA IV exclusive content. Virtual Fighter 5 online, Ace Combat 6, Eternal Sontata, Devil May Cry 4.

12:41: Yes! Resident Evil 5. Zombies look smart! Not in 2007. Looks Great! July 26 for full trailer.

12:43: Live Assassins Creed Demo! With Jade Raymond. Please put the demo on XBL! Jumped off of 3/4 story building. Punched a beggar! Climbed a building, threw a guy off of it. Fighting 5 people! You can use the environment. Real Time Weapon Change. Chase sequences. No 2 chases are the same.

12:50: Halo? HALO. WAIT. Halo the Movie? Halo Short. Live Action. Whoa. Whoa. This is awesome. Building Warthogs. Marines. ODST. Wow. Halo trailer on B.Net

12:53: Here we go! Whoa. New Xbox 360 Halo Edition. Dark Green. Kind of puke.

12:54: Goes through games. Show me the Halo!

12:55: New Trailer!  Holy CRAP. This looks AMAZING.  CORTANA. WHOA. Rational thoughts in the next post.

That’s it. Look for my Halo 3 Post in a few. Looks like I couldn’t avoid the Fanboyage this year either! Heh.



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